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A list of upcoming features and fixes for Expanded Wars 2!

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Well, now that all 3 base factions have their code based units added to the mod, It's time, I go back through and apply much needed bug fixes and balancing to the factions.

The Sith faction is very balanced according to a few people, so aside from fixing the ST32 Fighter (which has the same issue as the RSA Grandalle), not much will be touched here, aside from adding of an outpost unit, and the veteran levels.

As for the RSA, some much needed work is required :).
First off, is balancing out their units by either raising costs of other objects, requiring a larger build time, or just reducing some firepower, I'll ask for input here. As for new features, special powers, I have some ideas for RSA support powers, and have started to design them.

The only real issue with the RSA I see is as so:
* The Grandalle fighter, it does fire, but it seems to ignore attack orders for some strange reason, I will look into the primary reason behind this.

The GFA will be receiving a set of brand spanking new support powers and upgrades to finish off their code related modding.

And as most of you already know, the domination army is making it's return to expanded wars, however this time, at least, there is a little (not a lot) bit of balance factor to it. It has no crane to support rapid building, and is very susceptible to quick rushes, but be aware, that once a domination army base has reached it's completion point, you best be running the other way ;)

For a final note on updates, I have started to work on.. here it comes: the RSA Campaign! I have been toying around with the world builder, and with some schema research, have successfully implemented actual mission objectives, I'll be sure to have RK4000 post a quick video that demos either the first or second mission, because I don't want to spoil too much of the surprise :). As for getting the full campaign implemented into the mod, don't expect that until 1.4 - 1.5, but by that time, the people begging for models should have their wish. I think I'll have a fourth tab in the campaign sector of the main menu for "Expanded Wars Campaigns", and you will unlock them by completion the "Theater Of War", in this order: GDI -> NOD -> SCRIN -> GFA -> SITH -> RSA, Provided I make GDI/NOD/SCRIN campaigns for EW2 :).

Anyways, just thought I would drop this news update on what is going on.

Oh, by the way, I'm looking for beta testers to help me squash these bugs for the 1.3.5 release, if you're interested, join our hamachi network (details in mod summary), or simply send an email to me (, and I'll get you hooked up with the developer access page to help us get the bugs patched.

Until Next time!
* Phantom139 *


No problem, since i have a new computer now i can record video at max graphics and at a big resolution and still keep the solid 30 FPS the game's limited to :D. I'll soon be posting a demonstrational video about the Sith faction, similar to my last demonstrational video, RSA Arsenal.

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Wow. C&C3 really runs at 30 FPS? Most of my other games are up around 150 but those are FPS not RTS

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Yeah, it's stupid limiter limits the game to 30 fps to avoid de-sync during games where not all players have the same computer power, for example if one player would have a comp that would run the game at 200+ fps if it could and one would have a computer that would run it at 10 fps the game would give you the desync warning so even tho it's a bit annoying the fps limiter does do something useful. There are however ways to disable that but i wouldn't advise it because of the desync thing.

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