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Here are some details about what we are working on for the next Ancient Arena update.

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We have received some feedback about Ancient Arena and we are going to use that to shape our next update. For starters, Local Multiplayer will be removed. The main reason for this is keyboard space, this frees up the ability to use more key presses for new player abilities and mechanics. Also, with Online Multiplayer being released within the next couple of updates, there is not much of a need for Local Multiplayer.

We are also going to be trying out a new keyboard scheme to make the keys more accessible and not all cramped together in one corner of the keyboard. Movement will be moved to the arrow keys, and keys like A, S, and D will control your attacks, jumping, blocking, etc. These are all subject to change depending on how it actually plays out.

The last major change is going to be fullscreen mode. Instead of being forced to play on a small, 800x600 resolution, you will now be able to play in full 720p at 1280x720. This will supply a better immersive experience when playing Ancient Arena.

These are just a few of the additions/changes that are coming in the next update. Release date is still TBD as it is a work in progress, but watch out for more updates soon!

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