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in short: the progress will be slowed down due to me taking a break

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the long story is:

my brain is like: HEY WE NEED TO GET THIS SHIT DONE NOW!!!
but i dont need to do that because im not some kind of big game company with people that will kill them if they dont release a game fast enough.

im a single guy and i also have school right now.
i got some more progress done on the maps but it will take a while to complete.

i am hoping to one day be better at maps and that i will be able to remake this shitpile of levels, and make more of them aswell.

i will be taking a break to focus on school and stuff.

I appreciate everyone that decided to download and play my mod, i hope everyone could get a good experience and truly enjoy these few levels.
if you have a question about the mod you can leave a comment and if i see it i will try to answer it as good as i can.

Goodbye -H.D

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