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New particles i made. I am working on the downsized version, also known as FPS "saver". Its a version thats not full of extravagant particles.

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;;New particles This week;;

;particle = _ecp\orbit©

;particle = anomaly2\artefact\vodorosli_artifact_normal©

;particle = anomaly2\artefact\vodorosli_artifact_strong©

;particle = anomaly2\artefact\vodorosli_artifact_weak©

;particle = anomaly2\artefact\vodasa_normal©

;particle = anomaly2\artefact\vodasa_strong©

;particle = anomaly2\artefact\vodasa_weak©

;particle = anomaly2\artefact\fire©

;particle = anomaly2\artefact\fire_©

;particle = anomaly2\artefact\fire_1©

;particle = anomaly2\artifact_old©

;particle = anomaly2\body_tear_monster_1(to 4)©

;particle = anomaly2\medusa_test_dist©

;particle = anomaly2\vd_normal©

;particle = anomaly2\vd_strong©

;particle = anomaly2\vd_weak©

;particle = anomaly2\teleport_idle_1©

;particle = anomaly2\emi©

;particle = anomaly2\rain©

;particle = _ecp\anomaly_blackhole©

;particle = _ecp\anomaly_fire©

;;© = Copyrighted! please dont steal anything;;

;;Description MOD1;;

Wel most particles are just for the fun improvement of stalker, but some are to harden it too.
I've did some research and i saw that most of the stalkers out there want a realism kind of stalker. (OL, Priboi, Rebalanced)
Well i did that on Really MANY aspects. One of them is a poltergeist. He IS unvisible now. He only lets a "bubble"
each and every 10 seconds loose to give a little hint were he is. Same goes for a Bloodsucker, but the effect that
it/he/she becomes visible is a bit exeggerated, just for the fun of it. No explosion is untouched. I've made my own textures
using the standards and made To my vision [HQ] textures. And all the shots including gauss are redone. I took much efford
in making the shots as close to realistic as i can, with Crysis and Crysis2 as example. A friend of mine inspired me 2. Xigmakek, on youtube.
He made custom 2000lb bombs and the looked awsome so i did the some on a bit smaller scale. Crysis is in proportions bigger then stalker. (feels bigger)
So from i think 1300 particles to almost 2000 is not a 1 day job(a normal particles.xr is 1.362Mb, mine is 1.928Mb)
Most of my time goes into the making of the particles and capturing each and every one of them, and im all alone :'(.
What i do is i make a particle and put in i my particles.txt. So other modders can use those 2 and experiment with them! I made the names self-explicable (like above)
AMK and Eggchen were great examples to how you can edit and make your own particle. And Particle Paradise is not a little mod...Sorry.
Its even bigger than Super mod pack!!! so i will upload it in parts (configs, scripts)-(textures1)-(textures2)-(maybe)(textures3)-(sounds)-(rest). 6 packs.
Like AMK-Nodjanka Soljanka. To be honest i tried all big mods out you name then i've played them!
I've just bought a legal copy of stalker for 5.- (euros) and patched it to 10005 for my SMP 2.4 Full addon.
I've tried out: OL.2.2 - ABC + Inferno 1.1, 1.4 - NEWSA+SIMBION - SMP (bussy) - Priboi - Rebalanced - Retarded(my mod 4Gb, dead now) - AMK+Wolak(?) Realism addon.

The most Difficult verion was = OL2.2 (thats why i made weapons mod for it)
The most Fun was = Priboi (made a knife with 10000000 power and then attack a house like in darkvalley with bandits! lol they were owned by physics!)
The most Coolest was = NEWSA+SIMBION+ABC. (Rocket FN2000 XD, i only hated the btr in the begin :P)


I have only one last question for u guy's:

What kind of particle(s) should i make more? Leave a message @ my youtube account and i'll make it!
(you:"why youtube?" answer:"well than i can make it, film it and upload it!)

AFTER the mod is released i will no longer do request EXCEPT if its an Awsome idea. I will make whatever it is and make a patch with your name under it 2!
I you have any questions ask me @ Dont think you're bothering me right!?! i will answer ASAP. Im almost 24/7 behind my pc XD.

Hope that that was enough information.

The "Zone scavenger" STALKER,


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