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After a few months of hard work i thought i should update everyone on the new developments Ive been working on.

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Hey guys,

Sorry its been a while since i posted any news on the project. The project is coming along very slowly unfortunately, but some positive things have happened and one is mainly the great news for Protoss players which is, I have replaced the Dragoon unit with the Stalker unit from Starcraft II. The model was created by Fingolfin from and is a very highly detailed model and i hope more models from him will become available in the future. On top of this i have redone the Protoss console skins and now have a very good copy of the current Beta version console in high resolution. For Zerg players i have been working on a new console as well but it is much more difficult to create as the skin is not as Semitic as the Terran and Protoss consoles have been.

Along with the skin work, I've been testing the current Neo Lost Temple v2.3.1 (Alpha) map online for the past few months and have found alot of bugs and balance issues which have made the map very hard to play properly. I have been doing my best to fix these bugs and i hope the next version will be alot better then the current one.

I have also found it hard to stay positive about working on the project as i know the models and skins i have been using the past 6 years are now becoming poor quality and not up to standard for not just you guys but myself. It will get even harder once Starcraft II comes out in the next week or so but i will do my best to keep going and if im lucky make replica's of the Starcraft II online maps.

I will try and post some new screen shots of the Stalker model and the new consoles soon.


Cool. I would like to make a request concerning your choice for Protoss voice sets. I know they're limited, but I find it really boring for the Zealots, Dark Templars, and Vindicators having the crypt fiend voice sets. I would much prefer it if it was like this:
Zealot-Draenei voice set
Vindicators-Not sure
Stalkers-Crypt Fiend
Dark Templars-Akama voice set

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night_wolveX Author

No problems, I have made the adjustments to the units you asked to be changed. Thank you for the help with voice selection.

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