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Hello, welcome back to the ninety members that have been watching the mod thus far, and to every else who has a new-found interest for the fifth (if you're pedantic, fair enough, the sixth.) news Update for the Vaygr Expansion Mod for Homeworld 2!

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I'd like to, once again, apologize to everybody who's been following us for the lack of content and update. I imagine that, when this is processed and authorized, it will have been a full year since the last official news update.

I have nothing new to show you, except another extract from the script, so let's start with that and get to the serious talk afterwards!

Extract begins//:

"With the success of our raid, our fleet is now fully supplied on resources, as well as having gained new technologies to increase our effectiveness."

A Diagram of a Lance Fighter displays.

"We have set a course for the transports which will take them into a dense dust cloud which is heavily irradiated. If the transports are discovered then Kane's forces will assume that the ships were raided pirates, lost control of their navigation systems, and the surviving crew kiled by the radiation."

Sequence: Similar to the Kadeshi cutscene in the original game with a civilian ship drifting through the
nebula. (With different angles throughout) - Alongside diagrams of Turanic Raider ships being displayed
over the top and followed by a display of how radiation affects an organic cell.

"Our informants, which are present on worlds outside of our territory, have sent images of what appears to be a mothership-class vessel - It is a possibility that this is the vessel that Kane commands from."

Sequence: A window opens over the starmap and pings the various locations where Kane's Flagship was
sighted. Inside the window several, distorted, images are being displayed of both the vessel and
it's small contingent. The Megalith from the Dust Wars concept is present in the background.

"After decrypting the transport's database, we have discovered the location of Kane's stronghold, we are en-route and should arrive in-"

Sequence: The previous windows and pings are dismissed and the location of Kane's stronghold is pinged. A 'warped' Hyperspace sound cuts off the Narrator and several noises occur throughout until the cinematic ends.

"Alert, our Hyperspace Module is malfunctioning, Quantum Waveform is collapsing. Disengaging the Hyperspace Module - Prepare to return to normal space."

An image of the inner workings of the Hyperspace Module appears and several electrical
discharges go off with a schematic(s) overlaying the image for a few seconds - Similar to 'Chapel
Perilous?' from the original game.

://Extract ends

I hope you enjoyed that sneak peak... And now for the serious talk. Following my last post, I'd like to let everybody know that everything is okay now, I'm stable and am the lead student in my class (being two units and seven weeks ahead of the rest of my classmates.)

In terms of the mod, we're still on hiatus, we've lost our concept artist as Mjolnir Software requires his services more than ever. We wish him the best of luck with his career and can't wait to play the Galaxy on Fire! We've also lost all active modelers, either permanently or by inactivity, once again we wish them all the best. This means, above all else, at present we require modelers and perhaps a concept artist or two! Please message me on ModDB if you'd like to apply for those roles!

Now, we're going to be on break until Homeworld: Remastered is released or until we have sufficient team members to carry on, whichever comes first. If we don't have a full team then we'll begin recruiting in full swing once the release arrives.

Seriously guys, thank you all for supporting both myself, the team, and this project as a whole. It means a lot... I can't even express how much.

Douglas 'Forloftol' Bacon, Project Lead <3


Good to Hear about the Project Douglas

I wish you the Best of luck with your Study and Mod Project...

I'm No Modeller or Concept artist

But i wrote some Homeworld stuff some Fiction startups Background and a Project i called the Lost Kadeshi ( imagine a large <HIgarian> Kadeshi society wich got to war on themselfes over a conflict... and the losing side( the good ones) Left the Kadeshi Nebula to search for another place to call home..

well That was a short description ..

Got an idea:: why don't you place a ad in the Steam Forums for Homeworld Remasterd

If your looking for People to join your Team there you Have maximum Reach in those forums and if you create a good outlayed first post, like almost a essay( Never made a essay so i don't know what i'm Talking about )

But if you create a good Post on your Project at the steam Forums i guess their will be some response , from who knows with talents Maybe you meet a Community Manager who is willing to expand your reach

I'm not knowing of your proceedings for this mod as I haven't checked on homeworld for a long Time or your teams mod by the way

Best of luck to you and go with the Homeworld FLow ///> Peace thru Creatism and human interaction <\\\

Bloody Bandit

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Nice to hear good news from you Douglas. And nice script you wrote. Just got the remastered collection ffrom Steam and it looks freaking beautiful. Vaygr mod would certainly look gorgeous in that. Looking forward to hear more news from the project. Keep it up!

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