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Lothal 1.1 news update, crash + beta testing news, and poll about the next map

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First, the bad news. I'm an unimaginable moron and accidentally deleted the map's entire terrain, texture, and foliage data. This will all have to be redone from scratch, and will delay the 1.1 for a few days while i redo all of those things from scratch. If not for this mistake, release would only be a few days away, but now, unfortunately, my current estimate is about a week, though the situation is of course fluid.

Secondly, I can give some details now on what the 1.1 will feature. It will have 7 new vehicles (light attack speeder, bwing, kwing, r41 starfighter, tie defender, tie striker, and tie bombers. It will have a no fewer than 6 new heroes, including all 5 main characters of Star Wars Rebels, Sabine, Ezra, Kanan, Zeb, and Hera. One of hera's weapons is Chopper, so even he is part of it. I also threw Thrawn in for good measure, as well as a few new misc. units, new weapons. I managed to get the correct texture imported for the Ghost, so that will look better too. A few other small thinks are planned. As to the crash some are experiencing, I have lowered the viewdistance and the foliage distance, and have increased the memory pools to improve stability. I dont experience the crash myself, so i can't really test myself whether this helps or not. I plan to do some beta testing later on, so if you experience the crash (w/o any mods or anything that would interfere running), pls dm and you can be a beta tester. This will take a few days though, as, like i said before, i have to do large portions of the map again from scratch in order for it to even be viable again in the first place for testing to be possible

Lastly, I'd like to remind you that there's a poll I set up for what map you'd like to see next. Only 7 ppl have responded so far and Thule is in the lead, so if you'd like to voice your opinion, pls do so at the link below. The other options are Lah'mu and Jedha from Rogue One. Link :

I apologize for the delay, but it'll still come in the end! Happy modding


That’s unfortunate but I am super excited for the update! Also for map suggestions I think Anaxes from the Clone Wars season 7 with the Bad Batch as special units could make a fine addition to your collection!

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kiprobin Author

That does look like a pretty cool idea, though honestly im more likely to do a gcw take on it. Also, just a few hours after I released this, Teancum released a converted Grand Inquisitor, which, given the content of Lothal, I am now obligated to include. I'd also like to say, which I forgot earlier, that polls close when the 1.1 releases. My guess is a week, but no guarantees.
I was proud to see poll responses literally double overnight! Jedha, which was in last before, now has a surprise lead...

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Good I voted for Jedha lol

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kiprobin Author

I cast my vote for Lah'mu, but I love democracy. I love the Republic, and you have my word as supreme chancellor of this mod that I will respect the results haha. Jedha's still Rogue One at least, so I was going to do it at some point anyway. Lah'mu, Jedha, Eadu, and Scarif are all def going to be done at some point no matter what happens right now

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