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In this update you can listen several tracks from the in-game soundtrack and read some information about it. As a bonus, there are also four new screenshots from the game.

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The soundtrack for the game is ready for about 80%.
Since it's a one-man project to the bone, the whole soundtrack was composed and performed by Sasha Darko (except the "Desert" track).

How does it sound? Well, the aim, as always for me, was to create something unique, memorable and atmospheric. Again, there are three layers:
1) "Ambientish" music with the slight "heartbeat" drums or without them, music which makes you remember interesting things from your past, imagine certain scenes in your mind, feel yourself laid back, music which could be a soundtrack for walking, thinking, sleeping, etc.
Tracks like "The Abandoned World" and "Ages After Ages, Nothing Changes" represent it.
2) Songs. There only three of them and they are VERY different. "The Same" is finished and just needs some additional polishing, "The Last Disbeliever" needs vocals and is still in development. "Vasasu" is finished, but needs polishing as well.
3) Practically everything else. Tracks for some specific parts of the game - a total mix of genres. From Jazz to IDM and ritual music.

It will be the last update for this year.
And as for the bonus, four new screenshots:


Fantastic ;D

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