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New gameplay video, voiceover and info about characters.

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This time update consists of two parts.

Part I
First video shows two mini-levels/cutscenes where you can listen a voice of Goody-Goody-Tricky-Tricky (voiced by Aurora Guinevere Price), a daemon who is the only partner of the protagonist in this game.
If you wonder what kind of partner, think about Darkness II's "Darkness" character. She's helping the agent, but she is also doing it for hew own interest (emotional food).

As for characters, right now I can tell that there are:

Sebastian (ATF agent, protagonist) - was sent to a boiling point by his authorities and can't just go back without some evidence because of the new regulation and lack of money
Goody-Goody Tricky-Tricky (protagonist's helper) - daemon which feeds on positive emotions of people. She lives in a "Space" dimension
Neutreus - Daemon which feeds on neutral emotions of people. He lives in a 'Destroyed New York" dimension
Troublemaker - Daemon which feeds on negative emotions. After several centuries was finally summoned by a cult
Daniel - one of the cult's superiors, but has his own agenda and works for cult only for money. He knows much more than anybody in this game. Voiced by Sasha Darko, it's a person who breaks the 4th wall frequently, with a joy

Part II
Another part is a new gameplay video (of the first level).
You can see a lot of improvements in the graphics and new content, I also added enemies.
But at this moment AI is very stupid (I didn't implement pathfinding system yet) and ragdoll system could be much better.

If you want to see original 16:9 versions of the videos, subscribe to YouTube channel, I'm always posting them there:

Ah, and I created Facebook group for promotion.

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