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Just a starting news update to tell where we are at and etc...

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News Update #1

Mod Progress...

I am glad to announce that we are going with the process as quickly as possible and wait for more images in the future. We have currently coded in most of the Clone Wars Republic era space units. So we are about 1/5 done with "Light" (Side of the force).


We need YOU! the community to tell us what we could do for the third faction! Post a comment below.

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Happy Hunt'in!

Vlado87 - - 260 comments

I quess that first two factions are jedi and sith so third faction can be pirates or independent systems (chiss, mandalorians, droids, hutts, corporate sector, corellia, bothans....)

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Jeroenimo - - 6,765 comments

How about you scrap the rhid factions of all eras and focus on 2 factions per era, that's 10 in total that you have to finish, that's enough to be busy for 4 years for an entire team. UEAW tried it with a larger team with far more experience than you, and they couldn't deliver, so instead of overestimating yourself start off very small, or this mod will never be a thing.

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ShockingCactus Author
ShockingCactus - - 448 comments

Hrm u got a point but maybe I'll just keep the pirates for the meantime as they are.

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