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News Report for the Month of June, explaining the need for ideas, etc etc etc. Mod for Sins of a Solar Empire and need people to help.

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Good day citizens of my wonderful utopia of...18 watchers... This is the June monthly news. Today I wish to explain that one of my testers have finished the campaign and report little bugs (give me a applause!). However the mod wont be released for some time. I'v also begun working on Evolution I's expansion which introduces new weapons and new ships added on to Evolution I such as the Donar, Kvasir, and the new Python Rifle.

Im planning on making Evolution I and II for Sins of a Solar Empire. However I know NOTHING about Sins modding and I need people to help me out, teach me the ropes and be able to import the models to Sins for me, along with weapon effects and so on and so forth. Reason for this: The story line of Evolution seems to suit well with it being a Sins mod, however do understand that this is ONLY A THOUGHT as a mod for Homeworld 2 is already under way but very slow progress since Bloodfleet already has a lot on his plate.

Any suggestions or thoughts for this mod may be posted in the comments below. If your suggestion is good then it will be featured in the mod and credit will be given to you.

Thank you all for following


UKcharlie - - 226 comments

Keep up the good work. I suggest concentrating on one mod at a time. It will be good to get a completed project finished.

Also, if you havent already, check out the hard light forums. Plenty of modding advice available there with regards to Freespace at least. Will probably also get some more followers.

Good luck!

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Elite222 Author
Elite222 - - 556 comments

Thanks, I'v been told that quite a few times but Im still waiting on my bugs list from my little beta tester so while I wait on that Im working on other projects, and about the forums I'v been taking a good look around there dont worry ^^

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