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The news update i've promised a day ago :D it is here. Gonna explain some stuffs.

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Well this is it i've told you i'll make a much longer "mini-update", now I am going to clear some points that some people have asked

1- Does the mod is dead? :

The answer is yes and no, I am currently trying to compose a team.

2- Why did you stopped for 4 months ? :

Well I was a "busy man" tried to integrate a mod studio that I won't cite the name, but actually they've fired me and try to just construct me a bad image. And I have been very busy with studies.

I am facing a lot of problems right now, some people are trying to just make me a negative image, by spamming on my ModDB page, steam profile etc...

3- How can I apply? :

Simply send me a PM with a resume if possible and i'll answer you.

I hope this update have cleared things up, and I am in a really bad state right now so i'll keep you updated in the couple of next weeks, months, or even years D: (why not haha)

The mod wouldn't be possible with appliants, so yep waiting.


i now some things about maping in goldsrc and gzdoom but if u need help i can learn to do maps in source

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