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A small update this week.

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Hello all,
Apologies for the lack of updates this week as I have been busy with many real world issues such as the car deciding to die on me :( However i have made minor progress this week.
In the previous thread i mentioned about turrets not being in the first release, well i have stumbled across a nice looking bsg turret model that may fit the bill, all it needs is a blank metal texture for starters and its ready to go. Then its the joy of coding it in. Furthermore i have changed squadron sizes for the fighters in the mod, viper squadrons are now 2 and raiders 5 (excluding old raiders which will stay as 3). Although this does rather increase the number of images on your map, it has improved the dogfighting and management during battle. Furthermore vipers and raiders and now more cannon in numbers. Most battlestars have around 40 vipers and basestars around 70 raiders excluding heavies.
The galactic conquest is coming along slowly im trying to get a useful ai balance and re-name the systems to the appropriate bsg locations. Also i need to make deep space systems that are stealth locations so that you can scout the area before you move in.

A topic that i has come under dilema for me is that these deep space systems seem very un attractive to the Ai due to having no starbase. I was thinking that i should change the level one station for colonials to a raptor and a heavy raider for the cylons. This would create an easy target but i could give them garrisions of thier respective fighters (other raptors for the colonials) to "jump" in to help the "observation ship".

Opinions and feedback welcome. See you next week!


how about put a Weapons depo. that has maybe 2 ship to ship missiles and maybe 5 rail guns.. for cylons.... maybe the umm thingy for Razor which i think was a communications relay which had a few nasty raider squadrons.?

um... but most battlestars had viper building gear so they were not limited like The Bucket. besides then you would have to make vipers so much stronger the Raiders cuz the galactica's complement was at 40+ by the end of the show and they didnt lose that many vipers. ( can be argued but for the most part there complement stayed more or less the same

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