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I thought i would announce what i am going to do to some of the ships in the mod and a few new decisions about the gameplay. Also I have another important announcement to make.

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The Battlestar Galactica. We do all love this ship and i have rescently taken the opinion (after watching the show a second time through) That the ship looks far more unique and has more character from season 3 onwards when it has quite a few scars of war but still seems to be combat effective. However if i add these scars it would affect the texture files for all ships similar to the Galactica so i was thinking to make the mod that little big more cannon and make the Galactica a Hero ship on its own and give it some stats too boot. The ship would not be highly overpowered but it would have similar armour to a Mercury and more accurate weapons due to the more experienced crew.
Along the line of battlescars also i was thinking about giving some of the newer Battlestars a few wounds here and there but nothing Major. Seen as scorpion shipyards and many other shipyards are still in the process of rebooting Battlestars cannot be repaired as often as they would like. Hence one or two missile marks here and they along. Also due to the fact i will be editing the Galactica texture files ships like the Talos, Sirius, Firestar and Strikestar will also be affected. However hopefully i may be able to pull some strings and get some ships to have their own texture files to help create some difference between vessels.

Now Scaling:
I have decided that i would like the scale of these ships to dramatically change. I will be increasing the size of all capital ships, destroyers and frigates. And maybe reducing the size of the fighter craft. However i will not change the scale to the point that gameplay is affected but enough to show the sheer scale of Battlestars and the minature Raiders in comparison.

Now onto a announcement which will affect this mod and also another mod some of you may know.
Battlestar Galactica: Crossroads is a new mod for the game freelancer which is being developed by a small but wise mod team to which i have rescently become a part of. But seen as the two mods can share so many resources, we have decided to pair the mods under a joint development banner known as Galactica Sunrise Studios.

Opinions and Feedback welcome,
thanks again.


Do you guys have a page for something ? to check out?

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