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News: June 2009; The General Design and Approach to the Iron Outlaws Mod.

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The General Design and Approach to the
Iron Outlaws Mod

Iron Outlaws is an Unreal Tournament 3 mod focusing on top-down Mech combat. This controversial approach is intended to invoke the feeling of old school arcade paced action and a fresh deviation from the normal perspective found in most games today. The top-down shooter genre has a lot of untapped potential in 3D and Iron Outlaws intends to explore this forgotten and often over looked style.

Here is a short summary of Iron Outlaws' backstory.

"In the year 2050, on earth, radical scientists are shunned and blacklisted from all major countries pushing them to the brink of insanity. These scientists allied themselves with outcast nations which allowed them to hide from authorities to work on top secret projects that they couldn't have otherwise. The most radical of these scientists were determined to strike back at those that oppressed them. They banded together to develop giant mechanical behemoths as tools to take back what was rightfully theirs and to exact revenge on those countries that refused their projects."

Our mech's are called MULE's. This stands for Motorized Units for Liberty Eradication. So from now on we will refer them to MULE's. The main goal is total destruction. In Iron Outlaws you will be able destroy almost everything you can see. Iron Outlaws is built from the ground up as a four player cooperative game. The players will be able to choose one of four different archetypes. We will discuss them in more depth in the future.
Insert Coin Interactive is relatively small mod team based in Raleigh, NC. But what we don't have in numbers we make up in pure passion for creating games and playing them too ;). We are composed of a group of students/friends/gamers that wish to use this mod as a stepping stone into the gaming industry. Most of our members recently finished their 2nd internship at Virtual Heroes (developers of America's Army) and will get their degrees in Simulation and Game Development this summer.

We are currently looking for talented UnrealScript programmers to help take the mod to the next level. Whether you are looking for that next resume bullet, or just code for fun, please contact us through the site.

Our first major milestone will be in the end of July. So from now on we will be working our tails off trying to get as much done as we can. We will make it a point to release info/content at least once a week.

Stay Tuned,

ajporter & troymcclure
Insert Coin Interactive

Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter


first, i'd like to say that i like the way you styled your post. second, i think your models are looking pretty good.
i would help you out with unrealscript but i've got a project of my own i'm working on.
also, sweet animated mech up top.

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thanks for the comments! We would welcome any help you could provide:)

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