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Hey all. After long time and a lot of work I have some time to write something about mod progres. I did not wrote articles because i was testing a lot of in game mechanics. I never knew what can work in bfme engine and if my modding skills allows me to implement some ideas. Also i have very little time (job, family) and with my low english skills it takes a lot of time to write something. But now, when Gondor, Mordor and Isengard are 100% finished i can post here some news.

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Isengard Spellbook

1. Crebain (1PP)

- after puchasing this spell, player can upgrade citadels with Crebains. The upgrade increase shroud clearing range

2. Palantir vision (1PP)

- Reveals area and units in the target area get +15% speed for some time (unchanged)

3. Mind of metal and gears (3PP)

- Saruman use his wisdom and power to increase industry production. After puchasing of spell all citadels can be upgraded with extra forges or excavations that are producing extra amount of resources

4. Warchant (2PP)

- Grants +50% Damage and Armor to units in the target area (unchanged)

5. Fuel the fires (2PP)

. Lumber mills gain +100% production (unchanged)

6. Wizard´s tower (3PP)

- Allows to upgrade fortress with Wizard´s Tower and changes all outpost citadels to Wizard´s Towers. Wizard´s Towers increase Saruman´s Armor by 50%, Damage by 100% and speed up his power recharge time. Wizard´s Tower and outpost citadels can summon several bolts of lightning at an area surrounding the citadels.

If you purchase upgrade Wizard´s tower in castle citadel (fortress) and you wanna call the lightnings, click on Wizard´s Tower not on citadel (fortress). It is separate object in game.

7. Wildmen allies (3 PP)

- summons several hordes of Wildmen

8. Devastation (4PP)

- Trees supply resources (unchanged)

9. Fires of Isengard (4PP)

- Places Explosive Mine everywhere on the battlefield. The Mine must be detonated just like as others explosive mines.

10. Freezing Rain (6PP)

- On activation, cancels all leadership bonuses of enemy units (unchanged)

11. Industry (5PP)

- Grants +100% production to selected furnace or slaughter house (unchanged)

12. Isengard unleashed (15PP)

- Summons fully upgraded Isengard Army on the battlefield

That is all for now. The idea of Isengard Spellbook (and also Mordor) was based on Saruman´s great industry skills so i tried to make in this way also the spellbook. The enemy must be active in battle (not waiting behind the walls or in his camp) because Saruman with his skills can build army that is large enough to destroy any enemy forces.

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