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I couldn't hide anymore the work I have done recently: 1. New textures 2. Detail textures 3. Map progress and some really nice cliffs and stairs 4. I have joined InDeFi

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After a little freeze down, I have done some really nice work recently. And I have joined the InDeFi group.

1. New textures

I sent some photos to arron_da_killa a while ago (2 months I think). I wanted him to turn then into textures. He agreed. But I haven't received anything from him. I'm still waiting with my powerful patience. Meanwhile I have recently made some textures on my own. And I succeeded to make some.
This is the way I make the textures:

All of my textures are 128x128 versions of 480x480 textures. At first I have to turn a 640x480 photo (which is going to become a texture) into a 480x480 image. Then I turn the new image into a texture. And the last step is to make the new texture into a 128x128 image.

2. Detail textures

The texture detail for each texture is the same 480x480 image, but this time the scale is 256x256, the image is black and white and it's sharpened. What I mean is this:

I just love this effect!!!

3. Map progress and some really nice cliffs and stairs

I have also worked on the latest map. The progress is fantastic for me. I have started making stairs that are not going parallel with X nor Y. Here are some images to enjoy:

Do you think that I'm overusing the blue lights?

4. I have joined InDeFi

Now I really hope that the change level problems between the maps will be finally fixed. I'm not experienced in entities. And you can notice that between some of the maps in the mod. But I am quite good at architecture. So I'm sure someone from InDeFi will fix that problem.

But I have a problem with the detail textures.

Any ideas how to fix that? When you are distant from the walls the detail textures on some of the faces disappear.

From distance: From really short distance:
CA Texture detail problem CA Texture detail problem


Looks awesome but u need to make a new crowbar model cus the old one is not very good and dosent suit this mod

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Really nice, really really nice!
And man, those textures are really nice o.O

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Great work... It looks good

As for your maps send em to me here on moddb just upload your source files + all other required files on filefront or so..

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