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Hi all, we are now celebrating one year from the day we started to work on Them & Us. We would like to celebrate this day by showing you some of our new works here.

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We are now celebrating 1 year from the day we started the work on Them & Us, and we will like to celebrate this day by showing you the first work we created, since everything started from one big hobby, that is 3D Art and love for horror games. This time improving it for the UE4 specifications (rough, metal, alpha, physx etc), adding more details in texture, geometry as well remaking the hair, cloths and many more. So we would like for you to check this realtime in-game teaser for yourself:

And here you can hear a few samples from the game music:

And in case you didn't know we have wrote the code for the game to work on Linux, we are now moving to talk with Sony and Microsoft to reach an agreement to release the game on PS4 and Xbox One once is done.

You can also read an old article here:

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