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That's the hour when the 5 part of the news and screenshots appears. Taste the new screenshots that are soaked in something special or not soaked in anything.

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And so let's start.
First of all, I have to say, I'm switching to xash. So now the next version of the demo, if it will be in the near future, it will be on xash. I can't say 100 percent that I will give her away, but anything is possible.

And now for the screenshots.
1. Book shelf with interesting compositions

rep scr1

2. no less interesting is the book on the table at the reception.

rep scr3

3. New map, slightly empty. But the very fact that it exists pleases me

rep scr4

4. Canteen for employees. There is a kettle,an oven and even a table.

rep scr6

5. The military clearly overdid it with the wires from the bomb

rep scr5

6. toilet room(test version, I'm still working on the design)

rep scr8

rep scr7

7. The MIRROR!

rep scr9

What's next on the plan?
Well. Formally, soon the 3rd chapter will come to an end as I am almost at its end. And most likely I will make an updated version of the old chapter 3.especially where Jacob is. Wait for news.


nice mod can i help you design those maps?
if im not good at it dont worry i just wanna experience in discord modding servers!

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