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Upcoming Mods for Severance. The community still lives and resist to die!! ;)

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I just worked out I started FIV in 2003, so that's seven years in development. During that time there have been a lot of advances in BOD mapping, notably TPTPT's excellent work on new characters. One of the reasons I have been doing 'demo' maps is to test out the integrity of the code for new characters. They are quite good fun to play too.

I always thought Fugitive III got a little out of hand and was too big. 4000+ sectors. I concieved FIV in three parts, the idea being I could release Pt1 while continuing with pts 2 and 3. pt1 was virtually complete. Just a few bugs to iron out. Pt2 had the basic srtucture about 50% built, with some enemies added. Now that multiple new characters are a reality, I really want to revamp the whole project to incorperate them. Pt3 is started but a lot of building still to do.

In the meantime I have a few more demos to finish......

I have an updated version of ProsperoArena5 on the go using Lord Nasher from NWN and lots of interesting new stuff such as dedicated archer characters that stay put and don't try to chase, making them easier to position. ProsperoArena4 features a Player version of the Vinculanus character. (The Bad Guy from the Fugitive series), with lots of cunning ranged weapons such as homing missiles. He also has a pet dog that can be controlled (To some extent)by keyboard commands.
I have updated Dal's Revenge so that at the end he can go onto a series of other maps. Sort of like the main game in reverse. PartII is almost complete (needs debugging). PtIII is started.

So please bear with me and I will get it finished eventually. I haven't had a lot of spare time lately and mapping does tend to consume a lot.

** Also started a map featuring a Witch character. Which could be quite interesting.

*** btw. ProsperoArena2 does exist. Several new Player chars planned inc female Barbarian that I posted up a pic of somewhere.....


Hi Esfumato nice to know that Prospero still supports Severance, i don't know how he have the patience as severance is so old and don't even work on the new OS's, but I'm glad he does. I LOVE severance and every time that i see something about it i cry inside because i can't play it anymore. (Vista 64bits)

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esfumato Author

I have vista 64 bits too, well, my brother and it work. but the options of the menu appear in black.

With the opengl raster the menu appears correct, but the game works like it have lag while using the mouse.

At arokh's lair, people said that the games work almost perfect on windows 7!!!!

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2019 ....anyone?

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