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Here are two videos from the KROS Mod 0.3b .. KROS - Bloopers KROS -KITT To The Rescue

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The mod is now beeing tested. The release will be this week (if there will be no big problems).

Whats new or improoved in KROS 0.3b(Compared to 0.2b)?
-SPM Animation is now fixed and also works when youre outside of kitt
- Convertible anim (also works when youre outside)
- you can change between the normal scannermode and the damaged one
- if kitt is destroyed, you must type in "SEMI" like a cheat, then the semi will bring you the repaired kitt.
- the semi does not spawn near the house anymore
-microjam does now have more options: turn engine off, block brakes, block brakes and stop engine, lock/unlock doors
- Emergency braking system animation
- flame thrower
-fire extinguisher
- auto-fire-extinguisher (type in "AUTOEX" like a cheat, then kitt will detect fires in front of him and extinguish them)
- kitt can hack the police frequency to set your wanted lvl to 0
- turboboost added to remote control
- LS prisonbreak added
- KITT will now also pick you up from the LV and LS hospital
- engine on/off button
- lights on/off button
- comlink on CJ's arm
- scannersound
- one easteregg is hidden in los santos. its on a license plate of a car. the first one who finds it and tells me where he found it, will be the first one to get the futher release
- the sounds from tboost, animations ect. will now automaticaly adjust with your SFX settings
- the gamecrash @ the hotdog cars is now fixed
- tatoo shops, barbiers, clothe shops,gyms, food shops ect are now open
- submissions and girlfriends are also avaiable (in the next release, ill try to make then all fit to the KR mod)
I think thats all for this release :D

And dont forget to suggest things for this mod

EDIT: here you can see the preview video, made by wilton knight! Not for people under 18 :D

zelda42293 - - 203 comments

Sweet! I can't wait. What a great month early xmas present!

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KnightBob - - 108 comments

I cant wait to find that eater egg, you put an easter egg in the semi?:P

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adliikhwan - - 133 comments

No its not on the semi but good guess. Its on a car. Its a black and long car. Its an original car from GTA San Andreas.The car is white but ChillpointBatista changed the color to black without changing the carcol but he modified the SCM script

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Roflcake - - 365 comments

nope, not in the semi^^ it has nothing to do with the kr mod, its just 4 fun somewhere in SA

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Mr_Flame - - 1,632 comments

lol :P Can't wait to get it.

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adliikhwan - - 133 comments

lolololololo when i get home i have a hillarious idea

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guitarman812 - - 2 comments

i like the touch to the easteregg on the license plate

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KnightMODs - - 1 comments

It's in the black limo.

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albator84 - - 2 comments

Please add the lock/unlock system for KITT's doors! Thank you!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
kitt1234 - - 2 comments

ok so is the black limo parked or driving?

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