Knight Rider was a very popular TV Show in the 80's. Especially because of the black modded Trans am, KITT.
KITT had an Artificial Intelligence and the ability to speak, he also had many special functions.
The series stopped, but there are still fans who love Knight Rider and want to play with KITT. If youre searching a Mod, which gives you the good feeling of the Old Knight Rider, youre at the right place!

You will start in the Driving SEMI, inside KITT. He will put in reverse and drive out.

Planned functions for KITT are:


Scanner with changeable speed and damaged mode
Engine sounds
Auto adjusting and manual turboboost
Laser (aim with mouse)
Thermodynamic generator
Super Pursuit Mode animation
Super Pursuit Mode with emergency braking system
T-Tops animation
Convertible animation
Traction spikes
Molecular Bonded Shell
Auto Cruise (random destination or drive to waypoint)
Pursuit Mode
Silent Mode
Calling KITT to your location when on foot
KITT can also follow you slowly and stay behind you
Oil Slick
Ejector seat + animation
Enter KITT by T-Top
Fire Extinguisher
Hack Police frequency
Rear Rocket Launcher
Vigilante missions
Black box on screen with "Normal cruise", "Auto cruise" and "Pursuit" lights

Remote Control
-Steering KITT
- Open Left or Right door
- Activate SPM Animation
- Activate Convertivle Animation

Artificial Intelligence:
- KITT will extinguish fires in front of him (Can be activated/deactivated)
- KITT will eject you when he lands in water, is flipped for too long or before exploding

- KITT will get you out of jail:
- Los Santos
- San Fierro
- Las Venturas
- Countrysides from every town

- KITT will pick you up at the hospital
- Los Santos
- San Fierro
- Las Venturas
- Countrysides from every town

Other Stuff:
- Light on/off switch
- Engine on/off switch
- SEMI Trailer has a ramp which can be opened/closed
- Almost every button can be changed ( very good when you are using a laptop with no numpad ;) )

Things we have in our mind for future releases:

- KITT will eject the thief is someone is trying to steal him
- KITT will change from Convertible to Normal Mode when it starts raining
- Hydroplane mode
- License Plate Switch
- Missions
- Something with KARR, Goliath and Juggernaut
- Michael Knight Skin
- Different camera angles when turboboost camera is on

Special thanks go to:
5dmc1 - helping me to get GTA SA to work on Win 10
Tobie1 - for the cars
KnightProwl -for the SEMI Truck
TheBoltWhatever - for the new loadingscreens
knightrider1994/tuxonaut - helping me with many codes
ZAZ - permission to use his stripped main.scm
DAVI S.P. - Autocruise code and help with some codes
The whole discord community - for motivating me to continue this project, suggesting stuff and reporting problems
hadex - Best tester ever. Thank you so much for testing every function in every situation and reporting me tons of bugs :)
Silent - for permission to include your patch and ASI loader

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In case that someone out there want's to invest some of his free time to help with the project, feel free to contact us on Moddb or on our Discord server!


-Game crash at 55% of loading screen
-Game crash when KITT is destroyed
-Some text/sound missing
-Tons of other small bugs

Still there:
- Sometimes when transforming back from SPM, KITT's rear window is missing
- Game sometimes crashes for no reason

You can also visit us on Facebook:

We also have a Discord server for better communication/bug reporting/troubleshooting:

Or on our German Website(for German people that arent so good at English):

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RSS Articles

Hello folks, we are now working on a discord server, feel free to join us :)

The plan is to make all work together and help each other to solve problems like the game crashing while loading screen or other issues. We have a "problems and solutions" section where all problems will be listed and updated as soon as we have found a solution for the problem. So if you have trouble with the mod, check if its listed and if there is already a solution for that. Or did you have problems and found a way to solve it? - Then please let us all know!

Do you have modding skills that could be useful for this project? - Tell us what you could do and maybe you will be a part of the team :)

Thats all, hope to see you there!

Thank you and sorry!

Thank you and sorry!

News 4 comments

IDK what to write here LOL! Just read this, might be interesting :)

News about the Mod

News about the Mod

News 10 comments

Here are two videos from the KROS Mod 0.3b .. KROS - Bloopers KROS -KITT To The Rescue

GTA Knight Rider Old School Videos

GTA Knight Rider Old School Videos

News 3 comments

A little preview from the features of the Knight Rider Old School Mod ... enjoy !!

SEMI script update

SEMI script update

News 7 comments

Rock 'n' Roll, we are going on with our work on KROS!

RSS Files
Knight Rider Old School Mod 0.4 Remastered

Knight Rider Old School Mod 0.4 Remastered

Full Version 14 comments

Not much more functions, but running much better :)

Knight Rider Old School MOD 0.4b

Knight Rider Old School MOD 0.4b

Full Version 110 comments

Finaly, I found a way to make a better installer. Sadly the file is very big, but causes less problems. The README is in your GTA SA Installation Directory...



Effects GFX 27 comments

This Addon installs Enb Series In Knight Rider Old School

Knight Rider Old School MOD 0.3b (Fixed)

Knight Rider Old School MOD 0.3b (Fixed)

Full Version 81 comments

Here are the new fixed mod file have fun with it, and merry christmas

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I cant seem to get the mod working unfortunately. It crashes after the screen fades before loading you into the world

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Roflcake Creator

Did you try the latest update from 30th September?

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Roflcake Creator

Problem : Game Crash on 55% Loading screen, SA Limit Adjuster says last file loaded is KR.img
Go to your GTA SA Installation directory and delete those files:
-VSAConfig, VehicleSpecialAbilities, saloader, salimits, SA Limit Adjuster, d3d9.dll and bass.dll
Download & Install the newest CLEO Libary from (It gives you the Option to install Silent's Asi loader - set the hook to do so.
Download & Install Silentpatch from
Download & Install Project 2DFX from (this includes a new Limit Adjuster)
Now you should be ready to go :wink:
Thanks to 5dmc1 for helping me to get it working on Windows 10!

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Hi Rolfcake! long time no see!

Awesome, my only issue was with SPM. The SPM drivng sound only plays once. After you take your finger off the gas, never plays the spm loop again. only the normal kitt engine as if you were in normal mode.

I will try to install gta sa vanilla. Then do the ultimate patch then try KRv4B with out the new ASI and see if it works that way. Im also on windows 10. Besides that SPM engine sound missing it works perfectly! SPM animation goes slightly faster on and off so I have to make new Sound ettects personally to match the timing. I will let you know how it works!

Also that KRimg helped for me originally from discord link so that could but it also.

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Dont know what happened but I can confirm your method is the only way lol. dont know how I got it to work before this.

Just gonna have to poke around to see why SPM driving sounds dont play. Awesome. gonna check discord to see if this was already fixed

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Roflcake Creator

Hello folks, we are now working on a discord server, feel free to join us :)

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