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New Update! New Stuff! We updated the game and we'd added cool stuff that will be later used!

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Welcome Users!

We're glad the game was updated! We added a few things that we'll not use them right now... but they will be used in future updates:

So here it is... the changelog:

  • The terrain is now bigger.
  • Added roads (lanes).
  • Added Towers.
  • Added "Jungle".
  • Added Rocks and Trees (they're used as walls).
  • Added Basic Attack Animation.
  • Added GUI( Basic Attack Damage, Ability Damage, Protections, Health Bar, Mana Bar, Gold).
  • Added Health Per Second (HPS) and Mana Per Second (MPS). Also Gold Per Second (GPS).
  • Added Jungle Lane.
  • Fixed some problems with the abilities.
  • Added Abilities Ranges. (Line, Cone, Radius... etc..)
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Add colliders to the rocks.
  • Add a Bot (to test abilities).
  • Add a human model.
  • Add Powers Effects.
  • More...

Download - DB 0.0.2

You can download the last version via the link given above of this note.

Thank you! We hope you have a good day!

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