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For those of you who have taken a look at Arcane Waters Ive got some nice news for you! The next playtest is OPEN to the public for anyone to enter until Aug 29 so come on down while you can to set sail with us!

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If your interested in trying out Arcane Waters you can set sail by going to their steam page and requesting access to the game. You will be given access immediately but only for this next week!

Along with this new playtest there have been a good number of updates from the developers on improvements since the last beta playtest.


  • New Point of Interest to find in the forest region!
  • Hazel's hint reworded.
  • Fixed invisible walls in some odd places.
  • Victoria now asks for slime.
  • Snuffy hints towards his flask.
  • Snuffy's starter rum weapon is easier to get and has been renamed.


  • Fixed issues with crops displaying incorrectly.
  • Victoria's Pitchfork can now harvest crops.
  • Quest for Victoria's Pitchfork now has a farming level requirement.
  • Fix saplings' chance to appear at shops.
  • Harvesting, planting, and watering all share a collider. Size can be adjusted by perks.
  • Fixed issue where some crops wouldn’t be highlighted with arrows when in range.


  • PVP ship health rebalance.
  • PVP shop adjustments.
  • Fixed problems interacting with shop.
  • Start panel moved so players can chat pre-game.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't leave PVP battles.
  • Poison Cannonball now has a cooldown.
  • Davy Jones ability now has a cooldown.
  • Stances now have more effect in combat.
  • Fixed some ability issues.

General Fixin'

  • Ye' can be a bald pirate.
  • A third body type to choose from has been added.
  • Custom drops for voyage boss.
  • Controller/Steamdeck profile update.
  • Controller/Steamdeck preparation.
  • Translation fixes.
  • General loot distribution revisions.
  • Adjustments to outpost building costs.
  • Applied profanity filter to name entry.
  • Fixed issue where silver, buffs, or ranking would persist between voyages.
  • Only tier 1 weapons are now sold in shops.
  • Slightly higher guild creation cost.
  • Some areas are now public instead of instanced.
  • Removed some abusable ore spawns.
  • Auctions now assume no buyout price if none entered instead of a toggle.
  • Chat filter adjustments.
  • Restart notices now show in minutes instead of seconds.
  • Admins can now morph other users. Muahahaha.
  • Fixed some possible item duplication bugs.
  • Added loot expiry time.
  • Hats should display correctly during emotes.
  • New pirate boss SFX.
  • Fixed some possible exploits.
  • Neutral gender available at character creation.
  • Proper destruction of some instances.
  • Can no longer leave group during land combat.
  • Lots of internal fixes.
  • Improvements to help players with some lag issues. This is an ongoing issue that we’ll continue to address. These playtests help us identify where lag might be coming from


  • Fixed warping with world map.
  • Fixed GUI issues in tutorial.
  • More information on tooltips.
  • Petting animals now shows a hand cursor.
  • Warning when guild name already exists.
  • Some panels now load quicker.
  • Fixed message when trade is declined.
  • Users are no longer able to use formatted text in chat.
  • Some UI glitchy-ness fixes.

But to wrap things up the developers have also released a date for early access to hit steam! Coming Nov 15 you can set sail without worry for a limited playtime! Also please note that any progress made during the beta will be carried over to the live game (as long as nothing widely game breaking happens).

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