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Map porting and other news. ModDB wants me to make this summary atleast 50 characters long.

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Hey guys thought I'd post some news. I was reading the Black Mesa Source moddb page and was thinking "Wow they should at least tell us something" then I went "derp I haven't posted any news" so I figured I'd update you guys.
First off I was holding off on saying this but, I've learned how to port Half-Life 1 maps. And not just multiplayer maps, single player maps with functionality and all that good stuff. While it's not easy to port Half-Life 1 maps I experimented with it and successfully ported a level from Half-Life: Uplink. With lots of editing and fixing done by me I managed to make it a playable level, and besides all of Half-Life: Source's strange quirks it was pretty fucking sweet if I can say so myself. I hope to have all of Half-Life: Uplink ported and ready for source by the end of February, but if something turns up and I don't think I'll get it done by the end of February I'll let you guys know before hand so you don't get your hopes too high up. I'd post some screenshots of the ports but there's not much to see right now. I've been testing the maps without HD content so that I can see if it works properly. That and I'm away from home right now.

Next up I'd like to let you guys know I'm still working on those variations I have been doing since September. Sorry for the delay I hope to add the ones that are done into the SVN soon. Some of the others still require some more work and fixing. I'll post which ones I can remember.

Finished but yet to be released:
-Mini Freeman Snark Replacements, no comment
-Running Zombies, no more headcrab zombies
-Few other guns that use new hands, almost all weapons have the new hands model

Needs more work:
-M60, complete replacement for the MP5
-Vortigaunt model, no more alien slave
-Fixed human grunt, I'm still fuzzy on what model were going to use for the 9mmAR

Half started or half assed:
-Half-Life PG Version, a skin pack that makes HL:S kid friendly
-Fast headcrab and fast zombie replacements, self explanatory

You'll have to forgive me but I can't remember the others I made. I know I did a bunch of others but I'm so sleepy from staying up I can't remember them.

I hope this keeps you guys happy for now.

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Need some screenshots up in here.

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