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New version released! The entire Vanilla DooM sprites are scaled up, some are edited and HDified but the entire look is more hi-res than and cohesive than anything other than original unfiltered pixelated sprites. Looks better than the built in x4 BRZ to me, and some of it currently looks better than the original sprites so it's still kind of a trade off but I hope to continue work on it to make the best sprite HD sprite pack for Brutal and Vanilla DooM.

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Decided to take the project out of hiatus. I finished scaling all 1327 of the Vanilla sprites, some are work that had been done on the Brutal mod so some of that is improved by hand and HDified. The look is much more cohesive than anything else other than the unfilitred original sprites which scale up pretty well on their own.

The Vanilla wad works on GZDooM 2.1.1 to 4.5 as well as similar era Zandronum.

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