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The aristocratic Sangryvar and the Huns of the Erlikler get new write-ups, detailing their mythical origins. Discover King Merovius's tale and the tragedy of the Sari Gelin!

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Two of the four Races of Vampirism in Sanguine Nights - Darkest Blood get the full writer's treatment as the write-ups of their most legendary tales go public on the Team Ravenous website.

"The stories recounting the sinful dawn of our kind are many and yet all display an eerie consistency throughout the ages. As you may well know, the most common of recurrences, is that of the mythical King, somewhere in Central or Western Europe, who so loved his people that he sought to escape death and guide them in eternity. Now it is time for me to share the story my master shared with me once."
- Read the rest of the Sangryvar legend HERE.

"The Erlikler are one of the races, or “species”, of Vampirism in Sanguine Nights – Darkest Blood. They are inspired by the rich mythology of the Central Asian people and the Tangriist religion of the steppes. In times long past and places long forgotten, the Hunnu people lived harmoniously under the spiritual guidance of the shaman caste. One day though, the shamans sought power that was not meant to be shared with mortals. Their only willing ally in this damnable quest, was the evil god Erlik -creator of sin and master over illness and death. "
- Discover how the Erlikler were damned HERE.

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