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Hey everyone, I just uploaded some game capture video from my Vegas 2 Realism Mod. Click the title above for details and links.

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Just in! I have added some videos to demonstrate some of the changes my Vegas 2 Realism Mod. There is a short clip where I use the MAC11 and the SCAR in Terrorist Hunt on CQB Dark on
Realistic. You get a good view of the effectiveness of using the iron
sights, the now realistic fire rates (the MAC11's insane fire rate
especially, you'll see how fast I go through clips), and the difference
in the way each weapon is used because of its properties (the MAC11 in
close quarters with smoke and a silencer, suppressive fire, and head
shots, and the SCAR with body shots on opponents from greater distance).

Videos & Audio - Vegas 2 Realism Mod Mod for Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 - Mod DB

Here is another longer demo video I made demonstrating the SR25 with a
ACOG scope, the 21E, and the Glock 18. You get to see a good demonstration of all the
weapons in use.

Vegas 2 Realism Mod Demo Video 2 - Mod DB
Click here for the video section of my page!

Check it out for yourself! Download the Vegas 2 Realism Mod

And don't forget to vote Vegas 2 Realism Mod for the Mod of the Year 2010!!

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