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Posted a few videos showcasing some of the game play including party creation. Working on hard for an alpha demo release in May for those who are not afraid of bug ridden and un-polished games.

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For those that are interested:

I have posted a few videos showing off the current alpha state of the game. They show the party creation screen (ignore the class icons from WoW, I forgot to remove those before I recorded the video :argh:), some combat, me running from a group of goblins in combat, and visiting the local shaman on the island of Nerah's Landing.

And, for those who like to play early builds, bugs and all, I'm working on getting an alpha demo ready for release next month. The purpose of the release is to get some early player feedback of the systems that are in place. This is NOT a steam Early Access - that will be beta stage. The demo will consist of 3 outdoor zones and 1, maybe 2, dungeons. Here are some of the systems that will be in the demo

  • Party Creation
  • Trainers
  • Shops
  • Spells
  • Combat
  • Travel (3 outdoor zones and 1 dungeon)
  • Character Level Up
  • Spell Tomes - used to increase the power of spells
  • Quests - small quests, and the start of the main quest
  • In game Map (current region and world)
  • Crafting
  • Save/Load

Here are a few systems that may be in partially or just the initial go round

  • In game Map - points of interest are filled in as you explore the zone <- not sure if I am going to keep this; so, doing it with the starting zone only
  • Options menu - currently just music and sound fx level
  • For the most part, core mechanics are in the game. The game itself is not full fleshed out and is very rough around the edges.
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