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Today we share our new trailer for PSF. I also talk about the recent developments in the game.

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We are excited to announce our first trailer for Project Space Fall has been uploaded to YouTube. Look below for the link. We finally got to the point where the game was ready to be recorded and I compiled the video last night. It's great to see the project coming together nicely and we are looking forward to adding more features to the game in the very near future.

A word about recent developments in PSF. Not wanting to neglect the audio immersion needs of our gamers I have spent a while cherry picking the perfect mixes that will form the musical ambiance. I went for a mix of suspenseful, aspiring and epic sounding beats that seems to speak to the player of the vast greatness of space yet remind them of the unforgiving dangers they face. As far as sound effects we've compiled numerous sounds for each event for a more authentic sound experience. I've included some higher pitched sounds as well as deep bassy sounds representing deep space. I realize that space has an extremely thin atmosphere rendering all sound mute to human ears but for an immersive experience we are assuming the ship is equipped with sensitive audio equipment capable of detecting the faintest of noise. This would prove beneficial to the crew as another means of detecting nearby activity such as explosions. Hence, when sounds originate at sources other than your ship, they are generally low pitched and heavy on the bass. Until next time!

Check out our Trailer!

Project Space Fall Trailer

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