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A New video of Chapter 4! A Subway train station, currently a work in progress.

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Hey guys!

I have been working extremely hard on Chapter 4 in the past few weeks. Literally working on it each day. As you may have noticed I have uploaded a video of a small part of Chapter 4 to ModDB and also YouTube:

I plan on getting Chapter 4 done by the end of this month and start on Chapter 5 next month.
I'm going to be honest with you guys, this mod will probably not be finished by October as the ETA says (I will change it). I still have many more levels to create and it will take time. I don't want to rush them.

So as a sort of solution, I have been thinking of releasing the mod with 5 Chapters and then creating and releasing more Chapters that are added to the mod as I finish them.
I am still unsure about this idea and I would like feedback as to whether you would like to wait and have the mod released as a complete mod with an uninterrupted story, or, whether you would like the mod to be released with 5 Chapters and have more added as I make them.
I personally would like to release it as a full, complete mod but I'd like to know what you think.

Thanks for all of the support,

tymaxbeta - - 1,059 comments

I think we can wait for a full release, in multiplayer regular updates are just fine, but for singleplayer, I think having a great mod like this released as a whole is the best way to go. Keep up the awesome work man, look forward to playing it!

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Gosthy - - 736 comments

Just release it now :D

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kazumo - - 1,174 comments

:)) Yeah, and with time you can do Updates, Patches, etc...

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Cypher05 - - 102 comments

Kind of like HL2 episodes? If you do plan on doing that, make sure you have a pretty good time table, because you know if you are even one week late from the announcement of the next chapters, people will rage hard.

Whatever you decide, good luck. I'm looking forward to it either way.

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Looks nice ;D. Good environment work and nice skins for the props.

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ThatTrunkMonkey - - 202 comments

I love this; I was there when the first thread popped up on FP, and the mapping has gotten amazing. But you can't slide by with just invisible ladders and other "tricks" to give the illusion of free running.
But everything still does look like sex. Keep that part up, cause it's awesome.

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AlphaSp4 - - 8 comments

I hope the art style you have currently will be in the final release.

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