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A short Time ago I posted a video for the Musketeers Era, as I announced earlier in the comments... Now the ACTUAL Gameplay Video...

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A short Time ago I posted a video for the Musketeers Era, as I announced earlier in the comments.

I decided I need to quickly record a new one - not because the first rendered file was a bit broken (sorry for that again) - but because the gameplay wasn't that good for presentation.

The big fortress assault for example... well it is a mission - but in this mission you will control a small well trained team that will move separated from the main force to find a way inside the castle.
So while the big formations try to hit each other you climb the wall and fight smaller patrols.

So missions are focused on smaller fights. Get around. Hold a small flank. Defend a position against squads apart from the main company. Hold this mansion against raiding troops... Stuff like that. You could compare it with the smaller forest and village fights/ambushes from the movie "The Patriot".
Militia/Rebels and enemy criminals/raiders will be a big part of this.

If you want big line battles - create them yourself or play the Total War Games. That's why it isn't my goal to have those kind of battles in this mod. Total War has the best line battles already ;)

Btw: The announced Star Wars Video will be created in the near future too.

Here the Ambush video with the actual gameplay type:

tFighterPilot - - 4 comments

When you say "near future", is it like when Blizzard say "soon"?

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CarpeDiem - - 323 comments

so will you change the cannons to have their own proper skin and look? like the ones that were actually there and will you have horses and wagons to carry troops around in and horses with the ammo box and cannon hitch thing aswell?

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