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Jurassic Park hunter Legends V2 has been released with improvements.

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It's been three years since Jurassic Park Hunter Legends was released. So, i decided to make Jurassic Park hunter Legends V2 to give it a quick update that improves the gaming experience. The most important change is the addition of the Advanced A.i. Patch which grants the possibility to edit the speed, aggression and more things related to dinosaurs. So, such characteristics were modified in this new version along with the animations (specially Walk/Run/Attack animation). All dinosaurs have codenames and a new texture that has the canon film design to keep the franchise essence (with exception of Male Raptor that has the same skin seen in the first version of Jurassic Park Hunter Legends) Between the new dinosaurs, we have: Geosternbergia, Female Raptor and Female T-Rex. Other dinosaurs like Ceratosaurus and Corythosaurus were taken off due to engine limitations. Pachycephalosaurus is now a huntable dinosaur, Dilophosaurus has new walk - run - even swim animations (specially the attack animation where this dinosaur spits venom when attacks you like it happened with Dennis Nedry in the film!) and the New Boss is "Buck", the Male Tyrannosaurus from The Lost World Film which mortal spot is unknown and you have to find it out by shooting in different body parts until putting him down! Regarding to weapons, i added the ones that were released as DLC years ago and a new one, the UZI Pistol, was added to weapons roster too. I want to mention that all weapons have shiny glare effect (just to give them a better appearance), crosshair was added to help hunters in their aim and hip firing was added too with the purpose of recreating another hunting experience while shooting. The maps, well, they are the second versions of the original ones that i released as DLC a time ago. They have better textures, flora, skyboxes, new ambient sounds and of course, rain (the rain is available only in Isla Sorna map) - waterfalls (this last feature is available only in Isla Poco map). But, there is a new brand map (YES!) called "Site X" which is a bonus map where you have objectives: survive hordes of dinosaurs, avoid traps and reach the helipad to escape! Yes, this is pure action. You will make use of your full survival skills to annihilate every dinosaur that crosses your way, look carefully at your surroundings because there are traps like cliffs, wells and toxic gases that will take you out of the game if you fall into them! The hunter has a new death sound and a new animation when he is killed by the male Tyrannosaurus (you will see it lol... or not). Finally, the menus, yeah, they received some modifications too. The main menu has a new and cool background image along with a new soundtrack to recreate an atmospheric hunting thrill. Besides, the dinosaurs (along with some weapons and "Site X" map) have new pictures too. So, get this new version and try it yourself!


female velociraptor

"Clever girl..."—Muldoon's final words.

Yes, she is the female raptor and you have the chance to hunt her... or she hunts you.

female tyrannosaurus “Mommy’s Very Angry.”-Dr. Ian Malcolm’s iconic quote.

"Doe", the female T-Rex that we saw in The Lost World film is now available for your hunts!

male tyrannosaurus

"All I want in exchange for my services is the right to hunt one of the tyrannosaurs. A male, a buck only."-Roland Tembo's quote.

This Male T-Rex -"Buck"- is the final boss and will cause chaos when he spots you!

Uzi Pistol

The new weapon: UZI Pistol with crosshair and hip firing added (these features were added too in all weapons except for the sniper rifle).




Tormer: Project Leader, dinosaur animations, hunter animations, maps, logo, main menu background.
T-Joe: Skins for Triceratops, Male Raptor, Female Raptor and Female T-Rex.
Dakotaraptor: Skins for Pachycephalosaurus, Stegosaurus and male T-Rex.
EchoGreen: Geosternbergia model and skin, dilophosaurus skin.
Miguel Martins and fdinick: Skins for Parasaurolophus, Gallimimus and Brachiosaurus.
Universal Studios: Dinosaur sound effects, "Site X" map soundtrack, Jurassic Park franchise.
Deinonychus 110, HENDRIX, Samuel: Compsognathus model.
Darklordvader 900 and RaptorKlaw: Binoculars.
Blue Tongue Entertainment: Most dinosaur/plants/trees/palms models.
AnAlpaca and RexHunter99: Weapons.
Keegan, Cyborgparrot, BloodDragon: Menus.
TellTale Games: Menu Soundtrack.
RexHunter99 and IBCircuits: Programming.
Action Forms: Game engine, hunter model & skin.


-Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (JPOG) is owned by Blue Tongue Entertainment.
-Jurassic Park is owned by Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures.
-I do not claim affiliation or ownership of these franchises and their contents used for this mod.



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