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Release news to go along with version of Blitzkrieg (slightly delayed XD)

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Hello Blitzkrieg-Fans,

with some delay I hereby present the news to go along with our latest patch and leave you to our new member and developer of the Patch, Wolf_CZ, who will, in the following segment explain to you all there is to know about the new patch and the canges it imparts on the game.

Have fun,

New non-open beta version is approved by Xalibur and it is recommended for all players to install it instead of any previous version. Its still labeled as continuation of BKCMP, version III, and also still includes Community Patch launcher, but this time without ability to go back to previous version.

What do you need to play, if you are installing it for the first time?
Blitzkrieg 4.7 Open Beta version + new 4.8 patch.
It is also possible that new 4.8 full installer will be released later, then you would only need to install that version.

What if I have any other version, hotfix or BKCMP installed?
If your version is based on 4.7 Open Beta then you can have any hotfix or BKCMP and it will work, after you run launcher for the first time.
If you are using version prior to 4.7, then you need to uninstall it and follow what was said above, like you are installing for the first time.

What includes?
It includes everything from open beta hotfixes up to #008 and both BKCMP released.

What is new in
- CW All trucks should be buildable by AI
- CW All trucks should deploy instead of sitting on map edge forever
- CW Replacement HQ truck will be called by AI when they lose it
- CW HQ truck call-in (after you lost first one) has delay before it arrives
- US / CW / WH / PE Occupied environment buildings should now only be visible on mini and tacmap for the team, to make it easier to ambush (AA, bunkers etc. will be visible to everybody).
- US / CW / WH / PE Tank commanders should properly give accuracy bonus
- US / CW / WH / PE Tanks should stop properly when loading tank commander
- US / CW / WH / PE Vet4 Leader Aura should properly give weapon damage bonus
- US / CW / WH / PE Vet3 Sprint abilities should now properly give accuracy debuff on end
- US / CW / WH / PE Fixed airborne and infantry antispam aura to properly give suppression defuff
- US / WH / PE Snipers, Recons, Stormtroopers will not have longer sight while moving in camo then when not moving
- US / WH / PE M18 Hellcat had unpenetrable rear armor by some weapons
- US / WH Recon unit build time decreased
- US Armor sherman faster veterancy upgrade did nothing exactly, fixed
- CW Avre killing all infantry in building, even with tip of AoE, fixed
- CW Avre increased AoE effects
- PE Nashorn was available in Infantry only mode
- PE Sabotage squad "sabotage" duration decreased from 10 to 8 seconds
- WH 37mm gun HE rounds range reduced from 75 to 60
- WH Lowered grenadiers cost to 430
- WH Removed def pioneers MP40 dropping
- US Sherman "Easy Eight" rebalanced completely (what is in description should actually be ingame and working !)
- US Shemans overall fuel upkeep rebalanced
- US Sandbag upgrades need improved production in tank factory first
- US First sandbag upgrade fuel cost reduced from 25 fuel to 20 fuel, second sandbag upgrade reduced fuel cost from 50 to 40 fuel
- US Sherman suppression ability affects shots fired from hull MG too, smaller effect than .50cal
- US Added suppression ability to Infantry doc Jumbo
- US Rifle grenades are also buildable in Airborne doctrine in addition to Infantry doctrine
- US Rifleman squad grease guns upgrade time decreased
- US Armor repair engineer squad is buildable in barracks
- Launcher - remove option to go back to 008
- BK files checker - tool which can help us identify, if you have some problem with files

Its recommended to play against CW Hard AI or CW Expert AI. Please have in mind that CW AI or AI in general is by far not perfect, but for us its big step towards more enjoyable AI opponents.

Previous changelogs, which are included:

Bug Fixes
- Some map markers were missing
- Some descriptions were wrong

- US Ammunition truck couldn't be built

- CW HQ was unable to build HMG and mortar in new HQ truck if previous HQ was destroyed
- CW Fixed silenced sten smg distant range value
- CW HMG had auto-camo

- PE Gebirgsjaegers can't shoot panzerfaust through wall any more
- PE Fallshirmjaegers feuerleit barrage sometimes overlapping with retreat flag, due to changes, it won't any more
- PE Hauptsturmfuhrer can't place another flag retreat point until other is still on the field

- US 101st have optional BAR upgrade, limited to 2 max, cost 45 munition
- US 101st reinforcement cost increased from 30 to 34 MP
- US Veterancy training (in commander tree) now gives 101st and 82nd 8 / 16 experience instead of 12 before
- US 82nd squad experience needed for each vet. level doubled
- US HQ squad experience needed for each vet. level doubled
- US Ambulance truck price increased from 150 MP to 180 MP, 5 fuel

- CW Units firing from Concealing smoke (aka "ninja smoke") have 50% accuracy penalty
- CW SAS squad experience needed for each vet. level doubled
- CW Increased accuracy of silenced sten smg on medium distance from 0.15 to 0.25
- CW Lowered crusader AA suppression by about 20-25%

- WH Blitzkrieg ability reduced cost from 150 munition to 125 munition
- WH KCH squad experience needed for each vet. level doubled
- WH Tiger price reduced from 1000 MP, 180 fuel to 875 MP, 155 fuel
- WH Tiger "late version" price reduced from 1000 MP, 180 fuel to 900 MP, 155 fuel
- WH Increased 37mm AT gun range from 60 to 75
- WH Decreased triage center price from 180 MP, 15 fuel to 180 MP, 10 fuel

- PE Fallshrimjäger squad experience needed for each vet. level doubled
- PE Gebirgsjäger squad experience needed for each vet. level doubled
- PE Fallshrimjager training (in commander tree, applies also to Gebirsjagers) now gives 16 experience instead of 12 before
- PE Hauptsturmfuhrer squad cost reduced from 420 MP to 400 MP
- PE Hauptsturmfuhrer squad reinforcement cost reduced from 70 MP to 48 MP
- PE Fallshrimjaegers can't build flag retreat point any more, Gebirgsjaegers and Hauptsturmfuhrer can
- PE Heavy-Waffen-SS Strormtroopers call-in from Hauptsturmfuhrer squad cost reduced from 600 MP to 550 MP

- US / WH / PE phosphorus / incendiary grenades cost increased from 15 munition to 20 munition
- US / CW / WH / PE machine gun camo has initial delay - 6 seconds, this is a bit experimental, so feel free to comment on this

Bug Fixes
- US M20 Command Car second "invisible" turret removed -> proper movement fixed
- US 76 mm AT gun penetration against PE Beutepanzer
- US / PE 76mm Shermans shouldn't bounce shells that often against each other
- US / PE 76mm Jumbo shouldn't have same penetration values from front and back against Beutepanzerr
- US / PE M10 and M18 Hellcat penetration against 76mm Beutepanzer fixed
- US / PE fixed 76mm tank guns HVAP round -> to actually do something else than consume munition against each other ;o)

- CW 25-pounder free fire bug fixed
- CW AT halftrack reinforce bug fixed
- CW AT boys now properly get range bonus when locked down
- CW Artillery spotter bugs fixed by reducing them down to one man squad only

- PE 76mm beutepanzer shouldn't have better penetration against Jumbo than regular Sherman
- PE Beutepanzer Firefly rear penetration against shermans (was too low)

- US 82nd airbornes reinforce cost reduced from 60 to 44 (might even be in bugfixes, because it really wasn't in line with others)
- US CQB squad reinforce cost increased from 18 to 36 (might even be in bugfixes, because it really wasn't in line with others)
- US 81mm mortar cost reduced from 375 MP 25 munition to 330 MP 25 munition
- US Airborne Calliope Jeep cooldown increased from 90 to 120 seconds
- US HMG squad crew gets Grease guns instead of rifles (airborne HMG unchanged)
- US AT Halftrack cost decreased from 280 MP 20 fuel to 250 MP 20 fuel
- US 75 mm Sherman values tuned against 76 mm beutepanzer

- CW AT Halftrack cost increased from 220 MP 20 fuel to 250 MP 20 fuel
- CW Artillery spotter cost decreased from 180 MP to 150 MP, removed one man
- CW AT Boys rifle little accuracy increase and aim time slight decrease
- CW AT Boys threadbreaking ability made faster and more accurate

- WH KCH nebelwerfer fire ability cost increased from 0 to 35 munition
- WH Grille shot cost increased from 35 to 50 munition
- WH Resource trade changed from 100 muni -> 100 fuel to 100 muni -> 75 fuel (Panzer Elite trade remain unchanged for now, as mostly fuel trade was discussed.)

- PE sabotage squad "sabotage" duration increased from 5 to 10 seconds
- PE Hummel call in price decreased from 850 MP to 800 MP
- PE Wespe price increased from 360 MP 40 fuel to 400 MP 40 fuel
- PE 210mm nebelwerfer cost decrease from 500 MP to 450 MP

Open Beta hotfixes:

  • fixed missing M4A3(76) & M4A3E8(76) top MG gunner
  • fixed missing WM ammunitions halftrack (was overlapping with WM Blitz Halftrack)
  • fixed missing Strormtrooper Halftrack ability
  • fixed PE TH missing price reduction for Jagdpanzer IV(L70)
  • fixed invisible Repair Pioneers
  • enabled M20 Command vehicle to attack units with "right click"
  • changed WM BK tank call-in description (former Stug IV call-in)
  • fixed PE TH Jagdpanzer IV(L70) wrong hull MG muzzle FX
  • fixed wrong minimap range circle indicator for lFH18 FERN rounds
  • fixed "mun-free" CW Sherman Tulip fire
  • fixed wrong description for PE SE "Beutepanzer" Call-In
  • fixed CW Kangaroo Crab mine flail and Bulldozer ability icon position (now Pos.9)
  • fixed missing M10 random stowage
  • fixed wrong requirement for US M20 mark target ability
  • fixed invisible MG gunner for GMC Inf doc truck
  • fixed wrong requirement for PE SE "Beobachtungspanzer" techtree unlock
  • fixed wrong fire angle ui indicator while placing Axis MG42 nest
  • fixed CW Bren carrier self repair ability
  • fixed US M10 "Wolverine" wreck
  • fixed US M10 "Wolverine" pink shovel
  • fixed constantly disabled medic field kits
  • fixed Infantry only mode
    (hopefully the Fatal AI bug is now resolved. I`ve also deactivated some useless buildings for construction like tank factories etc.Please test and give me feedback!)
  • fixed all "disable point" abilities. Now if you interrupt the sabotage ability the point will no longer "explode"
  • fixed wrong description for Bren Carrier MG upgrade
  • fixed missing "set retreat point" ability for PE HSF
  • fixed wrong weapon values for Sd.Kfz. 250/8 (stubby 75mm) HE rounds
  • fixed wrong weapon values for Sd.Kfz. 234/3 (stubby 75mm) HE rounds
  • fixed PAK36 "last men standing" bug
  • fixed US M36 sandbag bug
  • fixed wrong weapon values for "Beutepanzer" Shermans (damage modifiers against allied tanks was wrong for certain targets)
  • reactivated buildings for infantry only mode
  • fixed missing sandbags for PE TH Jagdpanzer IV/L70 defensive position
  • fixed Sd.Kfz.11 soldier model bug (looking through the roof)
  • disabled some US Airborne emplacements for infantry only mode
  • fixed a bug where the Opel Blitz with 20mm gave a heay tank kill stat
  • fixed missing WM medic squad minimap symbol
  • fixed Jagdpanther "veteran shot" ability range (same like maingun)
  • fixed PE TH total techtree command points
  • removed some DX9 texture tweeks that caused game crashes and loading problems


  • limited Tulip upgrades to max. 2 ingame
  • reduced damage of WM Panzerwerfer "Maultier" against HQ building by 50%
  • delayed WM reward Sd.Kfz. 251/22 to skirmish phase
  • increased penetration change of Stuart 37mm gun against Sd.Kfz.234 based vehicles
  • increased WM Blitz tank support call-in price from 750mp to 850
  • reduced damage of the Panzerwerfer 42 Nebelwerfer rockets against Jumbo & SuperPershing by 25%
  • reduced CW Wasp Carrier flame thrower damage


  • added new "medium" trails (credits to spoon)
  • added new CW emplacement skins (credits to VanAdrian)
  • changed Kingtiger skins
  • added a "hold fire" button for all mortar-emplacements
  • changed many sounds (thx & credits to Gamerisin)
  • Flakvierling (now different from Quad "crisp"), Flak38, Marder III gun, Panzer IV gun, Tiger gun, Tiger turret rotation sound (nasty!), KwK43/Pak43 guns (Kingtiger, JP etc.), Kar98, M1 Garand, 17pdr guns
  • new unit/model: Willys Jeep with 12-fold rocket launcher (credits to DMz & Beefy)
  • Until a final placement is is now buildable @motorpool within the airborne doctrine. It`s limited to max. 2 ingame
TheSoldier - - 1,241 comments

Xalibur actually came back? Unexpected, but still a bit of hope for the future of the mod.

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Kr0noZ Author
Kr0noZ - - 9 comments

No, he didn't. Currently, mod development is pushed forward by the creator of the BK Community Patch, Wolf_CZ.
He has been made an official member of the BK-Mod Team and will advance the mod by working on bugfixes and balancing.

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Fry_Kickstart - - 342 comments

So, where is the download link?
I cant find it here. And is unavailable.

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Kr0noZ Author
Kr0noZ - - 9 comments

Please refer to the downloads section, it's available from there.

As for, this is the location of our official forums, click on the forums tab to get there (the main page never did get finished as all important info gets posted on the message-board or on ModDB)

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Fry_Kickstart - - 342 comments

I know the "4.70 Open Beta to 4.8 - BKCMPIII Patch". But i cant find any full version.

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Wolf_CZ - - 62 comments

It will be on moddb too.

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Guest - - 699,148 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Blaubart - - 1 comments

Hi there, my friends and I love this mod, but: The last version seems bugi because we are not able to find us in the game or to start the game together. Error message "wrong version". Any advice?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question.

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