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I list of things I've updated. Oh, and thanks for watching, I know I just have 12 people watching right now, but it means a lot since this is my first mod.

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Things that I've updated, or that I'm going to update. The mod hasn't actually been uploaded yet but you'll see some pictures, videos, and some music.

-Updated some of the weapons models.
-Add new weapon sound for every gun.
-Changed the way the teleporter looks and sounds.
-The teleporter now take you to new places before taking you to the correct one.
-New voice actor playing the A.I. system. (Thinking of catchy name for A.I. System) (ReDOS)
-New music.
-New main menu.
-Possibly iron sights, which of course would involve removing the cross-hair. (Nope)
-Adding new weapon icons, as they are the same HL2 weapon icons.
-New H.U.D.
-New sounds, for things like flashlight, med-kits, and buttons.
-New med-kit model.
-Easter Eggs! :D
-Working on Chapter 2. Having some problems with the level change, but I'm getting it figured out.
-Still touching up Chapter 1.
-Changing game icon.
-Changing zombie sounds.

I'll try to upload some pictures soon when I get all of these perfected. Some of them I haven't even started yet, but I'll get to it.

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