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Build optimization (Completly lagfree even with Thousands of blocks), Mines added, 2 new Weapon models. Gyroscope added. Build direction displayed as an arrow on the ground. New gameplay video.

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Hello and welcome to the News of Disorder in Space!

In this update we changed two models, the Railgun and the Rocketlauncher both have a new look. We also added the Mines now. But whats the most special in this update is the Gyroscope. You now need a Gyroscope to rotate your ship.

Here's a little overview

Here's an example of how a ship can look like:

It has 4 Railguns and 2 Rocket launchers. I just did the mistake and built in the wrong direction (I basically flew the ship backwards). Thats why theres now an arrow on the Ground to display the Direction you have to build in.

The direction Arrow:

Another Ship, On its mission to destroy asteroids:

Thats how it looks like when the ship gets destructed:

When theres no cubes except the Base left, the game is over.
(The ship gets saved so dont worry of it getting lost).

Disorder in Space v0.91

Download the full version of Disorder in Space v0.91

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