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A new update formed around giving the players the ability face the undead and play as the Sultan faction.

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greetings commanders!

as you'll probably have read from the subject description: two new addons have been attached to Medieval Warfare. the Silk Roads and Infested version.

what do these tales have to say? well, let's go over them, shall we?

The Silk Roads:

Introduction of our first new faction from the main two, that being 'King Gabriel Dardanis the first and Baron Hodsworth of Noddingen' is the Sultan, his full name is 'Sultan Cem Rashid il-Nuredin' hailing somewhere within the Middle East (from the real-world globe). this will be an interesting addition to the roster as gives you new stuff to play.

Sultan buildup

New Faction

there was a post earlier on in the factions folder telling you about the new units within the Sultan's arsenal, there have been tweaks to it which will add interesting gameplay to the mod; some things you may even be familiar with from other mods like like the Tiberian Sun mods and Red Alert mods.

Sultan Scimitars Approaching

Infested Version:

He said he'd never do it, yet with peer pressure comes crushing defeat. enter the Infested Version: your undead gamemode within your conquest, using "creep" skeletons to fight you with at random times. this converts the style of usual conquest to 'who can outlast the other player' as you'll constantly be harassed by the undead as you attempt to go fight each other. current maps in the pool that have this are: Antrax, When Two People Quarrel, Tiberium Explosion (though likely will get renamed since where's the tib in MW?) and Blasted Core with more maps likely on the way.

this was designed to be used for Campaign maps that the community can create to add some funky spanners to the works that players have done. there will be a post detailing the different things the undead has in it's arsenal to right make a mockery out of your forces. if you wish to create maps with graveyards in the area, the factions post of the undead should detail what you: the map creator, will need to know about getting the undead in the mod.

that about covers everything so far that's changed of Medieval Warfare gameplay wise. on actual engine work however is from the new playtest of what OpenRA has done. the link to that news of the engine can be found here: - and the only thing that'll really change of it will be how the game is launched-- but it's covered in that link.

good luck headhunting on Medieval Warfare, Commanders!

Major Changes:

New Faction: Sultan Cem Rashid il-Nuredin (short: Sultan or Scrin) This is in preperation for the "The silk road" - addon

New basebuilding-system, now works with scaffolds, labourers and engineers.

New unit training system, you need peasants in order to convert them into units.

New peasant management system, housings no longer provide power, instead they provide "beds" in order to spawn new peasants. Spawntime of peasant depends on count of "free" beds and if u build certain special buildings.

New Infested maps with undead creeps which will frequently attack the players. Not bugfree working right now. This is in preperation for the "Infested" - addon

Gameplay Changes:

New: Your Keep provides 1 engineer and a couple of labourers with insurance.

New: Building Tavern will provide 1 engineer and a couple of labourers with insurance.

New: Building Hunter Lodge will provide 1 hunter, with insurance, which goes hunt near deer-stands and generates a smart amount of money now and then.

New: Resource spawnerDeerstandLodge Spawns wildlife every now and then which is harvestable by a hunter.

Changed: Reorganized the UI and added more building tabs.

Changed: Mills will provide a farmer insurance. This means your two starting farmers at each mill will get replaced after a while if they are slaughtered.

Changed: The King's paladin now has a musket instead of a sword, which makes him a bit more useful.

Flamewh33l Author

apologies for no photos on the Undead, they currently not working due to how the engine works, making it so that a hostile "creep" isn't in the game

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