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Yuri's Revenge Aliens Invasion Mod is Distant Sequel(after 1000 years) of Original Yuri's Revenge(Rise of the Technology). New Update More Arsenal Changes Version 2.0 (Last Revision)

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New Update More Arsenal Changes Version 2.0 (Last Revision)

Added 3 Countries.

usa 3 5

The USA has the best infantry manpower in the world.

Special Infantry: Stalker, Sidewinder GI, Cryo Legionnaire, Zone Trooper, Beam Trooper, Medic Protector, Javelin GI, Advance Mortar GI, Rocket Angel.

Special Unit: Advance Battle Fortress.

Commando: Heavy Rocketeer!

Special Power: Invasion, Rising Army, Elite Soldiers.

sk 3

The South Korean has best Aircraft in the world.

Special Aircraft: B2 Carpet Bomber, Stealth Fighter, Aurora Bomber, F22 Raptor, Apollo Figther, Tomahawk Bomber.

Special Unit: Assault Nighthawk Transport, Apache Longbow, Osprey MK II, Helibird Apache.

Commando: Advance Razor Fighter!

Special Power: Airstrike, MOAB Strike, Sky Shield.

gr 3

The German has best Armor Units in the world.

Special Unit: BISMARCK MKII, Abrams Tank, Paladin Tank, Advance Mirage Tank, Plasma Tank, Ultimatum Tank, Predator Tank, Grizzly Heavy Tank, Mega Beam Tank Destroyer.

Special Building: Fortified Tank Bunker.

Commando: Heavy Tank!

Special Power: Tank Drop, Armor Haste, Advance Emergency Repair.

fr 3

The French has best Defensive Buildings in the world.

Special Buildings: EMP Missile Upgrade, Nuke Missile Upgrade, Pulse Cannon, Grand Gun Turret, Grand Patriot Missile, Fortified Pillbox, Laser Turret, Advance Grand Cannon, AA Gun Battery, Advance Fusion Reactor.

Commando: Heavy Artilley Bombard!

Special Power: Artillery Strike, H.E. Shell Destruction, Rage Defences Mode.

gb 3 5

The British has best Laser Weapon in the world.

Special Infantry: Laser GI, Prism Trooper.

Special Unit: Advance Prism Tank, Athena Bombardment Cannon, Mastodon Wave Tank, Grizzly Laser Tank, Wave Force Artillery.

Special Building: Advance Laser Turret, Stealth Mirage Turret, Railgun Cannon.

Commando: Laser Cannon Tank!

Special Power: Laser Strike, Orbital Bombardment, Laser Buff System.

jp 3

The Japanese has best High Tech Weapon in the world.

Special Infantry: Cyborg Trooper, Iceburst Drone.

Special Unit: Tsunami Tank, Chopper VX, Striker VX, King Oni, Form Destroyer Tank, Odyssey Mech, Advance Storm Harbinger.

Special Building: Storm Tower.

Commando: Yuriko Omega!

Special Power: Ice Parabomb, Ice Storm, Cryoshot.

ph 3

The Filipinos has best Future Tech Weapon in the world.

Special Infantry: Eruptor Warrior, Chrono Elite Trooper, Advance Chrono Legionnaire.

Special Unit: Future Tank Alpha, Chrono Artillery, Archangel Gunship, Future Tank Delta, Chrono Destroyer.

Special Aicraft: Valkyrie Chrono Bomber.

Special Building: Chrono Turret.

Commando: Chrono Lancer!

Special Power: Chrono Freeze, Chrono Strike, Chrono Storm.

lb 3

The Libyan has specialist in Nuclear Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Unit: Nuclear Apocalypse Tank, Nuke Kirov, Nuke Heavy Tank, Mogjeog Nuclear Tank, Nuclear Akula Sub, Nuclear Hell Apocalypse .

Special Infantry: Nuke Terrorist, Nuke Conscript, Nuke Rocket Trooper.

Special Buildings:Mega Nuclear Cannon.

Commando: Nuclear Desolater!

Special Power: Invasion, Nuke Suicide Plane, Nuclear Storm.

ir 3

The Iraqis has specialist in Toxin Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Acid Trooper, Mortar Bio Conscript, Acid Green Desolator.

Special Unit: Toxin Tank, Acid Tank, Autocrat Bio Tank, Toxin Chopper.

Special Aircraft: Bio Bomber.

Special Building: Toxin Cannon, Toxin Depletter Upgrade.

Commando: Rad Sniper!

Special Power: Toxin Explosion, Toxin Cloud Storm, Toxin Bomb.

cu 3

The Cuban has specialist in Flame Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Molotov Thrower, Inferno Attack Dog, Black Hand.

Special Unit: Dragon Tank, Stoke MLRS, Heat Terror Drone, Inferno Helix Hind, Flame Heavy Tank.

Special Building: Dragon Tower.

Special Aircraft: Firestorm Bomber.

Commando: Flame Thrower!

Special Power: Inferno Catalisym, Inferno Shell Barrage, Inferno Topol-M Bombardment.

ru 3

Russian has specialist in Tesla Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Tesla Trooper Elite, Electro Desolator.

Special Buildings: Advance Tesla Coil, Giant Tesla Tower.

Special Aircraft: Pulse Bomber.

Special Unit: Fortified Tesla Tank, Dual Electro V3 Launcher, Emperor Tesla Tank, Stingray, Electro Medium Tank.

Commando: Tesla Commando!

Special Power: Pulse Air Strike, EMP Shell Barrage, Tesla Overcharge.

cn 3

The Chinese has specialist in Heavy Machinery Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Red Conscript, Obelisk Trooper.

Special Unit: Firefly Fighter, Railgun Battlemaster, Dragon Storm Tank, Centurion Siege Crawler, Uranium Light Tank, Inferno Buratino MLRS.

Special Aircraft: Stratosphere Bomber.

Special Building: Speaker Tower.

Commando: Guan Yu!

Special Power: Artillery Barrage, Lyudmila Nuclear Parabomb, Black Napalm Strike.

nk 3

The North Korean has specialist in Long Range Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Attack Mortar Motor, Armored Tesla Trooper,

Special Unit: Combat Range Bike, Iron Artillery Dragon Tank, Bison AAS, Smerch MLRS, Soviet ICBM Launcher, Nova Artillery Cannon, Hellhound Gunship.

Special Building: Heavy Artillery Cannon

Commando: Twin Fang Helicopter

Special Power: Nuke Artillery Barrage, Super Artillery Barrage, Heavy Topol ICBM Devastator.

yr 3

Yuri has specialist in Mind Control, Cloak, Advance Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Gyrocopter, Shadow Acolyte.

Special Unit: Heavy Tripod, Yuri ICBM Launcher, Deadly Mutate Howitzer, Grim Reaper Tank, Advance Master Mind, Advance Psionic Drone.

Special Building: Chaotic Statue, Anti Reveal Jammer.

Commando: Rolling Droid!

Special Power: Mothership, Chaos Gas Explosion, Evolution 3

Hijack Union has specialist in Stolen Tech from Allied and Soviet and Explosive Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Stolen Cryo Assaulter, Stolen Seal Antithesis.

Special Building: Stolen Battle Bunker.

Special Aircraft: Chaos Suicide Fighter.

Special Unit: Stolen Prism Tank, Stolen Drednought, Stolen BISMARCK MKII Phantasma Goria, Stolen Tesla Tank, Stolen Tumbler Devourer, Stolen Mega Nuke Bomb Truck.

Commando: Eugen Ice Thrower!

Special Power: Kamikazee Suicide Plane, Bomb Explosion Strike, Barrel Drop.

ahq 3

Alien Headquarters has specialist in Inhuman form and Flexible Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Revenant, T-Rex, Covelite, Vortigaunt Immobilizer.

Special Building: Railgun Tower.

Special Unit: Biomech, Insurg Tank Destroyer, Predator Tripod II, Flying Fortress Combat Mothership.

Special Aircraft: Scythe Fighter.

Commando: Eradicator Hexapod!

Special Power: T-Rex Ambush Team, Meteor Shower, Black Matter Explosion.

de 3

Dark Empire has specialist in Heavy Unit and Terrorism Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Rebel,RPG Trooper, Toxin Terrorist.

Special Unit: Quad Cannon, Scorpion Tank, Scud Launcher, Scarab Tank, Advance Hover Magnetron, Stargazer AA Rocket Launcher.

Special Aircraft: Heavy Terror Bomber.

Commando: Mobile Heavy Fortress Cannon.

Special Power: Ambush Troops, Anthrax Bomb, Viral Outbreak Missile.

pk 3 5

Pacific Kingdom has specialist in Hunting and Ambush Arsenal and Weapons.

Special Infantry: Scout Raven, Militia Trooper.

Special Unit: Scrap Bike, Stealth Lasher Tank, Weevil Shadow Tank, Hazemaker MLRS, Techical

Transport, Seeker Aerial Bombardment

Special Aircraft: Blight Hunter Fighter.

Special Building: Magnetic Coil Defender.

Commando: Tamano Vitch Hunter.

Special Power: Smoke Bomb, Armageddon Strike, Hunter Buff.


Really like the cameos so far

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Damn Philippines has the best Chrono High tech weapons arsenal nice.

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the file is missing the latest update of December 27, 2021 to download. already be available?

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ryancaesar12345 Author

no soon or very soon...

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