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New update has been released, be sure to download version 0.4 to help test and find bugs.

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Whats new -

Detect-a-bot: A new device which you currently start out with, it needs a bit of testing but so works by telling you when you are in danger or safe by changing its indicator color.

Main menu: The main menu has been improved with a new layout and functionality.

Door indicators: Instead of having to run up to a door to see if it will open or not it will now indicate if the door is unlocked, locked or disabled.

Mouse sensitivity: There is now a slider in the in-game menu to allow you to adjust your mouse sensitivity - This is tentative and will change into a full settings page soon.

Interaction: Officially added interaction to the game allowing you to use your interact button "E" which is rebind-able. You will have to aim at objects to interact rather than standing on top of them.


Movement: Movement has been improved to be smoother and no longer continue to move for a few seconds after releasing a movement key.

Doors: Doors have been reworked to give them different states, locked (Blue), unlocked (Green) and disabled (Red). This functionality will be worked upon in the next patch allowing you to lock and unlock doors.

AI: AI has had a little tweak but its nothing spectacular, i plan to improve upon the AI in a future patch but for now its basic and will do until its needed.

Thanks for playing and testing, please leave suggestions, bug reports in the forums.

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