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Get ready for planet colony management, ground battles, a new race and more!

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We are in the process of finalizing a really large update for Vincere Totus Astrum! This new update will bring alot of the content we had planned in chapters into one, including a new race, Artifacts, more combat actions. We kinda recoded big parts of the game to accommodate the new features. This also allowed for us to add more management options and detailed views of your planets and empire. Here is a list of what to expect!

-Now you can build Ground Force Carriers that deploy with your fleet. If you successfully rout a enemy fleet over their planet and that planet has built ground forces, you can deploy these to land tanks and invade! Winner of the ground battle wins the planet.

-As more and more of the Galaxy is explored by the five dominant races, ruins left behind by a very old and now gone species the Antik are being discovered. These ruins usually house fantastic technology, these artifacts imbue the various empires that find them bonuses and abilities.

-The Facilitator's have been awakened. A research time from one of the empires tasked with exploration have discovered a Antik outpost that held in stasis the Antik's AI assistants the Facilitators. This race of mechanical beings helped the Antik race with their advanced technology and upon vanishing where charged with safeguarding their knowledge for the next generations of sentient beings to rise in the galaxy.

-New Facilitator provided abilities for each of the five races. Gives each race new unique weapons in combat.

-All Battle mode, How long can you survive against fleet after fleet after yes you guessed it fleet!

-Improved engine means new features, like planet overview, Colony view, new build ship interface, and less memory usage means more stuff, stuffed in the game.

-Better balancing with more defining variations between each race.

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