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Some details of the new units that im currently working.

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Zerg new unit: Baneling
Graphic: check the screenshots to see the new sprite.
Morph from: Larva
Requires: Baneling Nest (New Zerg building)
Cost: 50/50
HP: 40
Armor: 0
Supply: 0.5 (2 in an egg)
Size: Medium
Space: 2
Ground Weapon: Volatile Burst (suicide)
-Damage: 14 (normal) +2*upgrade
-Special: Acid Spray (Deals extra 20 concussive dmg +2*upgrade)
-Splash area: 50 px 100% Damage (both attacks has the same splash area and deal 100% damage and wont damage your units)
-Range: 0

Baneling abilities:
-Explode: The Baneling detonates where it is standing, damaging nearby enemy units and structures. Can be used while burrow.
-Sap Area: The Baneling moves to target area and perform his Explode attack.
Burrowed Banelings deals 33% extra base damage (21+3*upgrade + Acid Spray).
Banelings also perform their Explode attack upon death.

Damage Table
Size: Small Medium Large
Normal dmg: 14+20=34 14+10=22 14+5 =19
Normal upgraded dmg*: 20+26=46 20+13=33 20+6.5=26.5
Burrowed dmg: 21+20=41 21+10=31 21+5 =26
Burrowed upgraded dmg*: 30+26=56 30+13=43 30+6.5=36.5
*melee weapon upgrades at max lvl

Protoss new unit: Sentry
Graphic: dont have yet
Constructed at: Gateway
Requires: Cybernetic Core
Cost: 50/100
HP/Shield: 40/40
Armor: 1
Size: Medium
Supply and Space: 2

Sentry Abilities
-Shield Aura: Nearby ground units regenerate shields at 21/256 rate only if shield is still active (shield points >0)

New tech at Cybernetic Core for 100/100: Seismic Shockwave
-Seismic shockwave: Burrowed units are forced to unburrow and stuned for 5 seconds (Lurkers are inmune). Spider mines are destroyed and siege tanks are forced to turn into tank mode.
Affect units in a large area arround Sentry. Ability has 35 seconds cooldown.

Terran New Unit: Shock Trooper (need a better name)
Graphic: it will use kerrigan sprite wit some recolour.
Trained at: Barrack
Requires: Not defined yet
Cost: 75/50
HP: 40
Shield: 60 (work like ghost shield)
Armor: 0
Size: Small
Supply and space: 2
Ground Weapon: Shock Rifle
-Damage: 14 (burst*)
-Damage bonus: 2
-Cooldown: 30
-Range: 10

New upgrade for 100/100 (need name)
-Units hited by Shock Rifle are slowed for 1.66 seconds. It wont afect workers or other hovering units (Vultures, High Templars)
*Burst damage type has the same reductions as Explosive

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