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The Emperor has decided that he needs all available units fighting the enemy and has begun to send out his personal guard.

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New Unit: Infantry Squad
Name: Imperial Guards
Class: Infantry
Description: Highly trained units, dealing extra damage to enemy heroes.
Location: Coruscant
Last Location: Coruscant
Squad Number: 4
Weapon: They have Force Pikes, which are devastating against "heroes" dealing as much as 3x the damage to them.
Health: They each have considerably a lot of health for a non-hero unit, at 250, plus a healing factor of 5% every couple of seconds.
Recommendation: Cannon Fodder or vehicles.

Info on new unit for the Rebels & Underworld, coming in soon.
Guys, you gotta start posting stuff, like bugs and whatnot. It would really help me out.


There were also times when the Imperial Guard were deployed on missions wearing red Storm Trooper like armor, and carrying enhanced blaster rifles. The Imperial Guard were elite commandos as well as red caped, force pike wielding foes. It would be nice if you could include this second variant in the mod as well.

Perhaps the Emperor could "deploy" them...

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