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Hi, I'm UNJIRO. We very thank you for watching. We have some announcements. Please Check this out!

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Shamo Tribe

New tribe develop announcement. Please check this movie.

God Shamo

God of Shamo tribe. He can move quickly and control wind. He is good at rapid-attacking. His God power "Dash Strike" is very powerful and strikes rapidly. His negative points are low in toughness, not having effective attacking to enemy minions and quick moving costs lots of resource. He is very good at fighting enemy gods.



Warrior of Shamo tribe. They have shields and iron maces. They move slowly and have good toughness. For their god who is weak in the extermination of enemy minions, they will be the important wall.

Bull Chariot

Chariot of Shamo tribe. They are driven by a charioteer using bulls. They attack with large sling-shot installed at bull's horns. Train cost is very expensive but they are superior units. High speed, high toughness, range attack. His negative point is attacking speed only. They are units holding the key to this tribe.

Technical Development

Upgraded to Unity 5

New Fow

Unity 5 enables lots of methods. One of the big benefits for this game is render texture and some shading systems. I developed New "Fog of War system" using them. This new system made in game terrains more beautiful and revealing fogs smoother.

GODS on "Steam Greenlight" at the end of this month

We are going to put on "Steam Greenlight" at the end of this month. After that, I'm going to release the demo including "solo-play mode" and "in-game tutorial mode". If The Greenlight page will be ready, I'll post article again.

I thank you for reading this through. See you next time!

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