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New updated trailer out, showing off a bunch of the new stuff added in the 10 months since the Steam page first launched!

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New Trailer

The game's first trailer came out 10 months ago when the Steam page first launched, and the game has evolved a ton since then. Figured it was a good time to update the trailer to show a few of the new features and how much better the game looks now. Check it out:

The Story Update

The game also had a huge content update a month back called the Story Update (v0.5.0).

The main goal for the update was to start expanding on the limited story of the game and give the game some directionality. Making it so that there is more of a purpose and a path that should be clear and interesting enough to take. While a bit of this has been added in the update, it's becoming clear how much more the game still needs in order to become truly special.

A ton of other cool and interesting features have also been added to the game to make the journey along the new path exciting. A lot of existing mechanics have changed, and a lot of new ones have been added, making the experience a bit different than it was before. I hope people are excited with all the new features and the way the game is evolving.

Main Features

  • Completely reworked world generation - incorporating new road and village generation for a more varied and interesting world
  • New locations to discover - resource rich areas and swampland
  • Completely reworked map to show the above new features and locations, along with a much better look & feel
  • New dialog system for interacting with NPCs
  • Ability to put your own labels on the map
  • Initial ranged weapons - throwable stones and spears
  • Shields for use in combat
  • A whole bunch of new resources to find in various places in the world
  • Repairing items
  • New buildable hand cart for hauling many heavy items longer distances
  • Localization system and an initial translation of the game to Russian
  • New water reflection graphics setting
  • Bunch of new items, recipes, and buildings to create
  • New clay items and pottery kiln for hardening them
  • Compass for navigation in the "more realistic" mode - requires a lot of patience and attention but very rewarding
  • Grass slowly turning to dirt as you run around in camp
  • And a ton of other small features and improvements

There have been a lot of various performance improvements to the game since the last update, but also things are are a bit resource intensive in other places. The new water reflections being one of the main features in that regard.





Try out all the new content and give your feedback! Sign up for the Playtest by visiting the Steam page and hitting "Request Access":

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