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Another week passed and i got the Artillery system changed as i wanted. Plus more work on the Dreadnought...

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...So in the code the Dreadnought already have damage states ( i gave smoke and fire bones to the main model ) so theres visual sign the ship is damaged.

Also heres an more refined plan for the Generals, USA side stays as it is but China and GLA changes Slightly, and i give a more detailed writing about them, this is still not final and i try to be creative in the details of each sub faction, even if a generals already exsist in another mod unless we get total wackho and lets say make a Zombie generals, then a Cup Cake generals, and thats really not my goal lol.

USA - A.I. General

It's an artificial intelligence system ( not that much inspired by terminator, not in style ) meaning every last of its units are machines, and No infantry at all so cant garrison buildings or clear them out that easily, smallest unit i intend to give this general is the Battle drone II ( no parent unit requered ) and other advanced drones, beside the mechanise forces the main streingth of this sub faction will be the spying, total overlook of the battlefield through spy satellite network and system hacking, with all Missile weapons being more effective as well ( greater range and pinpoint accuracity ) The beginning will be difficult with this side but if you can upgrade, especially with general points, your entire army will become a metalic swarm of doom.

China - E.W. General

Could say the true Nemesis of the US A.I. general in many terms. I intend to make this faction out of the infantry general which i dont really like ( just plane infantry? alone that can not win any war, no matter how good they might be in my opinion ). This sub side will be armed with light armored vehicles with advanced counter measures ( ECM's ) and electronics to make it a more tricky general, not an simple plane steam roll one. Hacking obviusly will be the main streingh of them, but as a mayor weakness they will have no nuclear weapons and power, at last not the conventional polluting ones, but you'll see soon.

China - Napalm General

I know there been few mods have this General as idea, but hey, i love fire so here's my attempt to make one. Obviously will focus on napalm based weapons, as well Air Fuel type of weapons. Flame thrower trooper, Napalm Multi launcher troop, Napalm/ Fuel Air shell upgrades, napalm mine field laying and so on. Weakness for this general that its fire based weapons might be superb agents any infantry, garrison and buildings, heavy armored units and airforce can be a trouble, sure you dont want this guy get into your base or it be dust in no time.

GLA - Arms Dealer General

I must admit bit hard to make something brilliant for GLA especially as its not my favorite side, but this one should work. This general will truely strong due its black market connections, will have junk repair at start as well black markets create slavage boxes, also will enjoy all units bit cheaper then the rest of the GLA, but wont have Bio-chemical weaponry or Terrorist ( think of an mercenary army, not all out fanatics ) Also will have access to some of the latest tech at the highest level, but you'll see what i was mean wit this.

Hope like these, i already working on the E.W. and A.I generals. Also looking for some one with skinning / texturing abilities.

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