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Just as the title suggest it. This is the trailer to my single player mission that I have been working on lately. I thought it was time for an update and so here it is.

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Finally after feeling I've progressed enough to release a trailer I am pleased to bring it to you guys. This is a short trailer and the sound is work of MW2. I used several tracks and edit them for trailer. The map itself is still not complete. I am still working on it and hope to get it done close to/by/after the summer. Without any longer await please watch the 34 second trailer. Check it out and don't forget to leave any comments either here or on youtube. Thanks.


nice but the minigun doesnt fit in the window off a house...better use a M249

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This is looking really good. Definately like the best mod for any Cod game I've ever seen. A few tips: Make the ai guys hug walls, fire from cover, instead of just standing in the open. And try out a few different time settings, maybe try a evening or night setting, I bet this map would look amazing in a night setting with nvgs and flares. Looks pink now :D
Other than that looks very cod-ish ( good thing ).

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voidsource Author

idk why they decided to post an old video clip. heres the one ive wanted to show

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thanks for that link to a newer version because that one does look indeed much better even.

one personal note, i think it's a real shame that you did choose for team mates that fight with you. more and more games do this and i HATE it!! when i want to play with others i play mp, what i never do. i love it to just walk and fight alone in a sp-game, and not with team mates that makes that you have to hurry otherwise they have killed already most enemies.
but, like i said, this is just a personal note. probebly there are many people out there that do like this new way of playing sp-maps/games, because it happens more and more. still, the old Cod games are my favorite becayse of this.


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