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Back in action, there's now a new Terrablox being in development!

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Alright, so here's some cool news!
Quite an update!
So what's new?

  • Changed many of the asthetics!
  • Added Day&Night Cycle!
  • Added Defender game mode! (Always night time and zombies spawn more frequently. This is an incomplete beta! )
  • Added Mobs to the game!

- People spawn during daytime
- Zombies spawn at night and in Defender mode

  • Added sprinting! (Hold F)
  • Player can now fly (Double Tap Space)

- Hold Space to ascend
- Hold Shift to descend

  • Mobs can be spawned while holding Control

- Press 1 to spawn People
- Press 2 to spawn Zombies (Only at night)

  • Replaced "Quit" button with "Quit and save"
  • Added auto save
  • Revamping modding API (Removed for now. Expect a great new one for 1.5.1!)
  • Fixed the infamous disappearing head glitch!

Fixed more glitches and bugs present in previous versions



To follow the development, from now on it continues here -

Hope you enjoy everyone!
- Guma

*Flame* - - 290 comments

The game is coming along nicely :)

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robertinho11 - - 1 comments

Muito bom seu jogo

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Dewopalis - - 26 comments

Looks a lot like minecraft but it also looks great

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Uxernome - - 66 comments

Minecraft's era is coming to an end, there will be a day that people will talk about Terrablox Clones, just like Minecraft succeeded over Infiniminer!

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