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This updates brings us new techs, meaning new toys. For two sides.

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Hello everyone,

I want to start this update with the asking you two question on which I'd very much like to have your opinions. First off, I'd like you all to take a look at this image and please tell me which two ships you like the least. I will remodel the two least liked ships. A number and name are beneath each ship.

UNSC change

Secondly I'd like to ask all of you on what you think about the Sabre shown in the Halo: Reach footage. Should I model that and add it in? Or just leave things the way they are? I'm quite certain I will add in the Covenant Corvette though I might drop that weird ring thing at the bottom.

Now, what you all came here for. The ships. We start with what we showed last time, but now completed enough to be shown properly. I bring you, the Ascendant Justice. The Covenant's most powerful ship. It will have a very leathal armament, strong shielding and an even stronger hull. This things alone is well capable of taking out an entire UNSC fleet.

Ascendant Justice Briefing

Also, today we have a new ship to show you. One with vast powers. Only one ship is stronger than this ship and that is its older brother, the Forerunner dreadnought. Ladies and gentleman, meet the Forerunner Warship. Shown to us in Halo Wars and Halo: Legends, this huge ship will have no problem destroying entire fleets on its own. If you see this thing coming at you, run!

Warship Briefing

I have one more thing for you all today. Well two actually, but one more piece of art. I made this myself. Its nothing too fancy or anything but it does look awesome. Its the Keye of Life in drydock over a planet.

In the drydock

There is one more thing that I have and that is information. With the help of Mularac I'm working on creating a trailer with ingame footage which hopefully will be done before the end of this vacation. I won't say before next update, but that is what I'm aiming for. Either way, you'll know more next update, which will be in a month or so.

Until next time.


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awesome are you guys using the first halo engine

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