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An introduction to our newest team member Zach, a very talented source mapper who is excited to see what he can create for the Tension world.

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Hey all! A quick update from me (Alex), i am working on the HUD currently as well as collaborating with Mikkel on a very important model, but more on that later.For now I'd like to proudly introduce our newest team member Zach Cox and go ahead and pass it right on to him!

Hey kids, glad to be here!

I'm Zach from not-always-sunny Florida, and I make maps. I've been working in Valve's Hammer Editor for about two years now, and I stumbled upon Tension a few months ago when I went looking for a mod to put my skills to use on. Alex and I have been bouncing ideas around in that time, and we've come up with some cool stuff that I think you're all going to like. Here's a few screenshots from a demo map he had me do:

City Themed Time Trial - Angle 2 City Themed Time Trial - Angle 1 City Themed Time Trial - Angle 3

I love what Cooper came up with with those big square rooms in the island map you saw way back in April, and I'm a huge fan of the architecture and aesthetics from Mirror's Edge. Pretty basic for now, but you can see my attempts to combine the two styles in the rounded-off balconies and mostly white texturing.

Being a demo map, the above is pretty simplistic and under-detailed, so I made this little rooftop vignette using a combination of Mikkel's fantastic models and textures and Valve's official ones to show off a bit of detailing:

Example Rooftop With Models

I whipped this up in about fifteen minutes, but I think it turned out pretty well for that amount of time - and the maps will only get better looking as I have more time and more models and textures to work with.

All over, I'm feeling pretty good about this mod I was just sent a full build yesterday and I can assure you the gameplay is absolutely fantastic (it does take some practice, but that's a good thing IMO). The quality of everyone's work is top-notch, and the guys are highly dedicated to what they do - they tell me I am, too :)

I think you can expect big things out of this little team of ours, keep tracking us and we'll see you next time! As always Comments/Feedback and Suggestions are encouraged!

- The Tension Team

RocketSurgery - - 183 comments

lookin good

glad this mod still has gas in its tank

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ponpat - - 129 comments

I am happy to see you are still working and also come up with new surprises.
I am only sad because you are going to use "real" textures and objects. I dunno know why, but I love the dev-textures so much and I believe for a mod like yours it would fit to the artwork and let it look very individual and abstract.
But even if you broke my heart, I still love your project so much. It's like being a little M-fetish xDDD

I am realy looking forward to how nice your mod will be when it is releasing :)

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Darthlex - - 1,050 comments

Mirror's really had an 'edge' with their design (hur hur hur >_>)

No, really .. While I appreciate great mapping, I really feel it would be a better choice to go with the clean, almost serene look, that ME had. We see enough urban/city-themed realism-based mapping, in the HL2 department.

Just my opinion, naturally .. Others may or may not agree.

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Stevokenevo - - 68 comments

I agree, because the concept is futuristic and cool so having textures to match would really make the game stand out.

I also just thought, how cool would it be to grappel onto a high speed train like in batman:origins.

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Tokoya - - 503 comments


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