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Please welcome theking19950 to the team, along with his excellent maps. Also welcome ChickenNuggets and his talents for making maps. Furthermore, the SS Waffen Division is now in-game and ready to be viewed.

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Well, there is a lot to be talked about. With this tree completed, all I need to do is clip off some loose ends, change some stats and fiddle with a few things before release. Well, I suppose the Army of Industry also needs to be brought in game, but that won't take an extremely long time.

To make a long story short, the closed beta is coming 'round the bend thanks to efforts of the team.

There is also additional good news, theking19950 has decided to take up mapping for the mod. His first work in progress, London, is here:

London (in Progress)

To see more of theking19950's maps, just go

ChickenNuggets has also elected to join the team as a mapper, so between the two of them, I think there will undoubtedly be some excellent maps for the first release.

As for what I've been doing, here is the SS Waffen Division, and its command tree:

SS Waffen Tree

SS Waffen Division:
The SS Waffen relies mainly on aggression to accomplish its goals. It is relentless, and will never give up. Unit buffing and overwhelming force are its specialties. It mainly relies on maintaining its manpower supply in order to keep its ranks strong.

Left Side Powers:


The Waffen SS relies upon brute force, and these men provide it. These 6 man squads specialize in removing heavy defenses or enemy armor with panzershrecks. Two men are issued these, while the rest are armed with STG-44s. One extra panzershreck can also be requisitioned for the unit, making half of its complement devoted to destroying enemy tanks.

SS Grenadiers-3CP

These soldiers are excellent at assaulting hostile positions with their flamethrowers. They come in units of six, with two of them bearing flamethrowers. They become particularly effective after Inspiration and Terrorization has been researched, which gives them a slightly costly force retreat ability. They also become an inspiration to the men around them, offering small bonuses to them in combat.

SS Reich's Guard-6CP

A Reich's Guard unit from the SS can be sent to take the field. It contains six men specializing in assaults with their STG-44s. However, they can be equipped with either two panzershrecks or two flame throwers, depending on necessity or preference. Once Inspiration and Terrorization has been researched, these men become even more effective. Only two can take the field at any time, but they are still force to reckoned with.

Right Side Powers:

Superior Training-2CP

The Waffen SS uses its experience to improve the veterancy of several standard infantry troops, including Grenadiers, Volksgrenadiers, and
MG teams.

Inspiration and Terrorization-4CP

SS Waffen troops establish their strong presence on the battlefield through words and deeds, causing SS troops to inspire courage in nearby allies, as well as terror in the hearts of their enemies. This gives the SS Reich's Guard the ability to rout enemy troops without any cost except ability cooldown. SS Grenadiers gain a similar ability, but must pay for it.

Full Commitment-5CP

The player receives the Black Maus to replace the regular Maus. This iron monster is not necessarily tougher than its regular cousin, but its crew is certainly more skilled. The numerous kill markers on its barrels serve as testament to this. This skill, combined with the tank's size and power, are enough to overwhelm any enemy soldiers that look upon it.

Aside from all this, I'm afraid there is some bad news. Our modeler has bowed out for personal reasons, so it may take a while before Panzer Elite is completed, but I will do my best to do the modeling myself. At any rate, let us wish Wird luck in his struggles and thank him for his participation.

With Regards,
Lord Wiffleby


Nice, but in fact its called Waffen SS.

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Great job thus far with the mod.

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